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HellO! I'm trying to decide whether or not to start Galen in October. My plans are to go there and get my RN then go to someplace like IUS and do their RN-BSN program but I heard that Galen's credits do not transfer to 4-year... Read More

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    does she happen to work with a Dr.Baird at a place called Healing Options?

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    Quote from zoobyli
    Accreditation makes no difference when it comes to job hunting. It makes a difference in which school accepts which schools degree, though IMO that's more of a money issue :-)

    Employers only care that you graduated and passed NCLEX, and your license is in good standing; not which school you graduated from.
    Quote from gabriella86
    I have come to realize that I don't know what I want. I want to go into nursing. I am very interested in it. I love the many options you have as a nurse. I just honestly do not know what they are. I think I say I want to work in a doctors office because I do not have enough confidence/am not comfortable with having to deal with spur of the moment emergencies on a daily basis.
    Quote from gabriella86
    Is the BSN necessary? What is the benefit over just having an associates in nursing? Is it becoming more of a requirement? Harder to find work with just an associates?
    Hi gabriella86 and zoobyli,

    I am graduating from Galen in Oct 2008 with my ADN (hallelujiah!!!) and was also concerened about their accredidation and transferring credits. You do want to make sure that your school is accredited nationally or regionally b/c hospitals and employers may not care, but the state in which you want to practice and get a license in does. For instance, if you have an online degree from Excelsior, you may need to meet more requirements than just a degree if you go to certain states. As far as I know, you'll be ok with a degree from Galen in KY and most states b/c lots of my friends are moving out of state and they aren't having a problem with applying for licensure. Also, the KBN recognizes Galen as an appropriately accredited school and KY is part of the nurse compact (if licensed in KY, you are automatically eligible to be licensed in another state in the compact).

    Gabriella, going to nursing school could be the best thing you do for yourself professionally. You can do SO many things as an RN! You might change your mind a hundred times about what you want to do, but that's ok because there are literally that many options. With that said, I say complete your ADN, but keep the BSN in mind. You will open that many more doors. Also here in Louisville they are encouraging (not mandating) that all their ADN RNs go back to school to get their BSN and going so far as to pay for most, if not all of it.

    As far as transferring credits, your nursing classes will transfer to most, if not all schools. Once you have your ADN from an accredited school (which Galen is), you are an RN. The only classes you may need to repeat are English, A+P, Micro, etc. This is usually b/c they make more money out of you that way. I am going to Grand Canyon university (online)for my BSN and they accepted all my transfer credits from Galen and some other universities.

    Anyway, good luck with your decision. I don't think you will regret going to nursing school. I learned so much at Galen and I don't regret going there.
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    thanks you so much! I'm glad to hear you liked galen. how do I find out if I meet a states requirements if I decided to move back to boston?

    although from what I hear MA is a hard pkace to get hired for nursing at the moment even with experience bc of the economy up there right now. hopefully that will change vy the time I graduadte and get some experience. *fingers crossed* Go Sox!!! lol
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    thank you so much your reply! and to everyone else! i lost my username and password so i kinda stopped logging on but then i decided to get back on here!! thanks for the info and congrats about being accepted into the bsn! galen in kentucky does not have the bsn program set up but i think they are working on it! just then lpn-rn and rn right now!
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    I enjoyed reading this thread. I am also debating going to Galen. I already hold a bachelor's degree in communications and I had applied to Spalding's accelerated BSN program, but didn't get in. This time I have applied to their traditional program along with UL, Bellarmine, and Ivy Tech. I think I am going to apply to Galen this week. I'm a little hesitant about them because I've heard you have to complete the LPN program before you can start the ADN program. Is this true? I already have all of the science courses required and all of the other gen ed courses. Will Galen accept those? After reading your posts I'm very interested in attending Galen. I've heard a lot of great things about Galen nurses. One of my friends is a nurse (JCC graduate) and all of her co-workers said they would work with a Galen nurse over a UL or Spalding nurse anytime. I hear this is possibly because Galen has more clinical time. Shoulder shrug...because I really don't know if that's the reason for that comment. Anyway can you give me feedback as far as transferring courses into Galen and how long the program may take me since I don't have to take those general science courses?
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    galen does have a lot more clinical time which just means you get more're gen ed courses will most likely transfer but galen doesn't start those courses until the second year in the rn do have to do the lpn program first unless you already an lpn. I think that holds advantages though. I don't know why people see that as a red flag.I'm at galen in the lpn program now and I love it. I'm so glad I chose to come here.
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    i just spoke to my counselor about this, she said the micro, a&ps, ect do not transfer to uofl from galen but the actual nursing classes did.
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    Galen teamed up with Indiana Wesleyan and all credits transfer there. A professor also told us that we will be NLN accredited within the next year so more schools accept the science credits!
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