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Hi all! Just wanted to see if there are any other BCTC applicants out there. I'm getting super anxious about hearing whether I got in or not, and didn't know if anyone else wanted to discuss our... Read More

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    I think they like to see the total NLN score and if there is a tie with that they look at the verbal score...it might be the other way around though.
    When I pursued my first degree, I wanted to be a veterinarian and had to take three years of chemistry, which ruined my GPA because I was totally unprepared for the difficulty of those classes. Some of my animal science classes were very chemistry heavy too, so I squeaked by with C's in those classes too. Because of those crappy grades, my cumulative GPA is barely above the minimum to even apply for the program, regardless of the grades I got strictly on my pre-req classes. That's why I'm kind of hoping they look primarily at NLN scores.
    I know that my low GPA doesn't look like I tried very hard, and there are people who have tried hardier than I did for my first degree, but I have given my all last fall and this spring. I just hope that they can see that I've grown up since 2006! ☺

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    I'm certain they will see that! Plus, your NLN score is outstanding! I have some Organic Chemistry hanging over me and dragging my GPA down but I surely they will look at the fact that you attempted and passed some difficult courses. I wish you luck!
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    has anyone called the school?
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    Im trying really hard to be patient.... but i really expected that we would know today for sure....... No update as of 5pm
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    Yeah, we should know soon. I'm tired of waiting. Its getting old!
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    It will be up tomorrow, at least thats what I'm telling myself over and over and over and over.......
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    Urrrrgggghhhh......not up as of 8:42. I almost ready to just have someone text me when they're up.
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    Still not up.... I'm starting to think we will never know!
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    Well seems like we should just all expect to not know until about 5pm on Friday and maybe we can relieve some of our anxiousness. You would think there would be a way for someone from BCTC to post something giving an update as we grow so close to the results. I'm beginning to know how American Idol contestants must feel...lol. The only difference is that they only have to wait a week and I feel like it's been forever. I just keep having all these negative thoughts in my head. What if they were delayed on their committee meeting? What if they've decided to just send letters? What if someone forgot to update the SAS? Don't u just think it's funny that you have to wait so long for an answer for a program in a career that requires you to be able to think and make decisions quickly!?? I just really want to be a .
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    Okay I've received about 4 SNAP alerts from BCTC regarding lockdown....drill I think. But at first I was thinking one of the nursing school hopefuls has gone over there and caused a scene about how long we're having to wait
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