two job offers, wesley or via christi?? two job offers, wesley or via christi?? | allnurses

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two job offers, wesley or via christi??

  1. 0 Hi everyone!! I'm moving to wichita, and I now have two job offers, both night shift in the emergency room, one at via christi st. francis, and one at wesley medical center. I've toured both facilities, and I just can't make my mind up!! I need to let them know my answers very soon, perferably monday. So I need some help!! (fast!!) Anybody have any advice, or know anything about these two facilities? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!! :-) Thanks in advance!!
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    Hey there! Its kind of hard to tell you which one to pick - are you leaning towards one more than another? I have worked at Wesley the whole time, and thats where I had my ED rotation so you know which one i will say! :chuckle I know it sounds dumb but write out the pros and cons of both (pay, how close to where you are going to live - west side is so much better! , what did you like about the facilities, what didnt you like, etc. I had a really great rotation when I did my clinical everyone was super nice! Where are you moving from? I really like Wichita, its a good sized town, still big enough to have stuff to do but small enough where it takes you 15-20 min to get from one side of town to the other! Welcome! Let me know if you have any other questions - feel free to PM me for anything!
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    I have a friend who works nights in the ER at Wesley and she absolutely loves it. Just thought I would throw that out there. Good luck in your decision.