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    My family and I are looking to relocate to Kansas to be closer to my extended family. We will live in central Kansas and I realize I'll probably have to drive a ways for work. Having said that, what hospitals do y'all work at and what do you think of them? I have 3 yrs experience with the last 1 1/2 in the ER (where I prefer to stay). What kind of pay (just ball park) am I looking at, currently in the upper 20's right now.

    Thanks for any info.

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    The job market for nurses is very tight right now. If you are dependent on your income, I would start looking before you move. There is not a lot out there. You didn't specify what town in Kansas, but I would take it to mean you will be near Wichita? Possibly near Topeka? St. Francis and Wesley in Wichita are both good to work for from what I hear. Stormont-Vail in Topeka is supposed to be top notch & nurses like it there. I don't think you will be able to get an ER job right away though; the market is too tight from what I am told. About the only thing anyone with less than 10 years experience, and/or an ARNP license can get is med-surg, hospice, or long term care. I see ICU positions posted once in a while. I live in Kansas, but am not in that area. I know of it from friends & coworkers. Others can probably answer the salary question better, but I think the lower 20s will be more like it unless you are in the float pool/PRN pool. Many hospitals here have experience pay scales in 5 year incriments, which means that you get "new grad pay" until you reach that 5 year mark. Hope this helps a little.
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    Stormont, in Topeka, pays about 13 cents above base for about each year of experience. If you go on their website pay scales are listed if you click on a specific job. The whole hospital is going through major remodeling and a trauma center just opened there. It does seem like ICU and the ER hire new grads only. Most nurses that work there were offered a job while still in RN school or they worked down there as techs. Hope that helps.
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    Do not work at Select Speciality Hospital in Overland has become ghetto..I only went back to work there because no one else was hiring..short staffed, refuses to use agency cna's..instead, they will give the tech's up to 9 patients a piece..nurses get 5
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    Wow- I wish I only had to take five patients apeice! We usually take about six on day shift, with one cna per at least twenty patients! And its one in one out all day long. Just remember- their are always places where the grass is covered in poo with no one to clean it up! Your job could always be worse- or worse yet- you could be waiting in the unemployment line!

    To Relocating in Kansas- I am interested to see if you ever found a job?
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    Wow...A) Thanks for the replies. B) We haven't relocated yet as we are waiting on our property to sell here in Texas. We hope to be up in Kansas by June, no later than August. We'll do what we have to do to sell and move up there.

    The town we will be moving to is in the middle of nowhere so I realize I'll have a drive regardless of where I end up.
    Anywhere from Greatbend to Hays, down to Hutchinson, or up to Salina. I don't want to have to drive to Wichita, but hey, if that's were the work is...........

    As I posted originally, I have no desire to leave the ER, but I would consider a job in a Cath lab (I've always loved cardio). Another area of interest I have been exploring is an air ambulance job. All of this said if I wasn't able to locate a position in an ER.

    Do y'all have weekend plans in Kansas? Where I currently work, if you work all weekends (Fri - Sun) it's an extra 10.00 an hour. This is the second place I have worked here in Texas that has this option.

    So this is where life currently finds us, kind of in a holding position. If this is the worst we are facing we aren't doing too bad.

    Again, thanks for the input.

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    What's the name of the town in the middle of nowhere?... there are a lot of those in Kansas!
    I only ask b/c I may know of the hospitals out there. I've worked with several in a non-nursing capacity, and my husband is from a small KS town.
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    Quote from jaimeiam
    What's the name of the town in the middle of nowhere?... there are a lot of those in Kansas!
    I only ask b/c I may know of the hospitals out there. I've worked with several in a non-nursing capacity, and my husband is from a small KS town.
    Hi Jaime,
    The name of the town is Ellinwood Ks. 67526, any help is greatly appreciated.

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    There is a tiny hospital (25 beds) in that town but I would look at the hospital in Great Bend from what I have heard they have a decent er to work in. Here's there website it looks like they are only looking for PRN positions right now. Hope that helps.
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    Thanks TParks. I am familiar with both of these hospitals, as well as CKMC in Great Bend. I just don't know what they pay and hours available.


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