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Hi, My family and I are looking to relocate to Kansas to be closer to my extended family. We will live in central Kansas and I realize I'll probably have to drive a ways for work. Having said that, what hospitals do y'all... Read More

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    Just a bump to the top. We continue to try to relocate to Kansas to be close to family. We have found a house and are very active in trying to sell our place in Texas.

    Hope all is well with everyone.

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    If you want a job, Larned State Hospital is hiring. I am not in that area, but our local newspaper just carried a story about the fact that they are experiencing such a staffing shortage that they have temporarily mandated overtime for all staff members.

    It would be about a 45-60 minute drive west from Ellinwood, but it would be a job until you found something better. They used to offer some sort of incentives for nurses who have to travel in, such as milage and 12 hour shifts (most shifts are 8s) and even the use of a dorm for those who travelled in from a great distance). I never worked there, but I did my psych clinicals there.

    Psych nursing isn't my cup of tea, but I'd do it until something better/closer/in my field opened up. It could be an opportunity for you to get your foot in the door in central Kansas, employment-wise.

    Here's a link to the job description:

    Even if you don't fulfill the requirements (i.e. you don't have MANDT certification), I'd still apply. When I was a student, they begged us to apply after we finished our schooling, they included a job app with your clinical orientation paperwork, and they have contacted me twice in the 4 years since graduation to ask me if I'd be interested in applying for a position. I'm guessing you could get hired there with a little persistence!

    Ah, another thought: go ahead and apply for your Ks license. Upon contacting the BON, ask to be signed up for their newsletter, which is a 20ish page newspaper type of publication that comes out a couple of times a year. It is FULL of advertisements for jobs.

    ETA: I see you've already found a house, so I'll just delete my house-buying-in-central-Kansas advice!
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    Thanks for the info BluegrassRN. We haven't been able to sell our place and relocate, it's still our goal though.

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