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pay for LPNs

  1. 0 What do LPNs make in various parts of the state?
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    i'm making 13.00 as a gpn and i'll get 14.00 after i pass boards in emporia ks
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    i made 15 an hour as an LPN in wichita
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    Vast difference in pay for State LPN jobs:
    (LPN Sr is an LPN w/ 6 months experience)

    Pawnee Licensed Practical Nurse 150309 Larned State Hospital External C R F $12.23 Hourly
    Ford Licensed Practical Nurse 149728 Veterans Commission External C T F $12.68 Hourly
    Cowley Licensed Practical Nurse 150576 Veterans Commission External C R F $12.23 Hourly JAN 23, 2006

    Cowley Licensed Practical Nurse Sr 150575 Veterans Commission External C R F $15.97 Hourly JAN 23, 2006
    Ford Licensed Practical Nurse Sr 150451 Veterans Commission External C R F $14.16 Hourly JAN 19, 2006
    Shawnee Licensed Practical Nurse Sr 149586 Kansas Neurological Institute External C R F $16.19 Hourly
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    I'd like to know what LPN's get paid from traveling agencies.
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    In Wichita it is around 15 to 17 an hour dep on exp
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    I am a L.P.N.working in a nursing home as a charge nurse outside of Wichita and I have a base pay of 16.50 and for working 3rd shift I get a extra 1.00 and for working the weekends Friday through Sunday I get a extra 3.00 but there are no bennifits at all.
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    Hi.I am a nurse in Europe.Anyone has any ideea what are the thing i have to get through to be able to work as a nurse in KS?Thanks
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    Please check out our International Nursing forum. Look up staff member, Suzanne. She will be of assistance to you.
    International Nursing
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    I work in a hospital in Lawrence as an IV certified LPN; I started at 15+ an hour (I was not a new grad, I had worked as an aide and secretary at this hospital before nursing school. Then I worked for 4+ years as an office nurse and L/D/M/B nurse); 1.25 week night shift differential, 1.50 weekend night shift differential. Full benefits, including PTO, fairly good health insurance, that sort of thing. 12 hour shift.

    I also work very prn through an agency, usually at a LTC facility. There I make 23 an hour for night shift. The shifts at this facility are 8 hour.
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    Haskell County-$13.79.....working in a clinic
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    I know I'm a new LPN graduate ...........but I was offered only $12.00 an hour by one of the 3 major hospitals in Wichita, Kansas. To me this seems really low....What kind of hourly wage can I expect as new grad?? ( I do have 2 years experience working as a CNA, HHA and I was making over $10.00 an hour several years ago.)
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    Quote from Betty_SPN_KS
    What do LPNs make in various parts of the state?

    I curently make 15.45, in Atchison Ks.