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    I make $16.25 an hour plus $1.00 on the weekend in Andover, Kansas
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]hi there! i recently graduated & passed my state boards. i work in a small sltcf outside of wichita. my lpn wages is $17.50 per hour. however, i have been a cna/cma since 2002 and worked at this particular facility for 2 years. i do know that the base lpn wages in a near by town is $13.50. good luck!
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    I lived in Wichita until this past August and the LTC place I worked at paid LPN's $18. That includes new grads as well.

    The place I work at now in Lawrence was paying their LPN's $16/hour but I heard that it was just lowered to $14/hour.
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    I moved to Wichita last year with about 3 years experience and now make between 19.50 to 21.50 (with shift diff) not even IV certified.
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    Starting $17.00 hr in Osawatomie
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    Gee, if an LPN is getting 17.00/hr. Is an RN only getting a couple dollars more? Seems crazy to me.