Northeastern KS job market

  1. I was just wondering how the job market was in NE Kansas, particularly in the Brown county area. I'm currently working in SE Michigan, north of Detroit, but my fiancee has been out of work for awhile and we're looking to relocate. Any info would be greatly appreciated!:spin:
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  3. by   amb_lyn
    Brown County area has some decent opportunities. It's not too far of a drive if you decide to live in Brown County but work out of town. There's a hospital, 1 nsg home, 2 hospices, and 1 assisted living in the hiawatha area. There are a couple more nsg homes not too far out of the area, 15 mins or so all around it.

    I work at the hospital and love it!
  4. by   NBMom1225
    Thanks amb_lyn! What's the hospital like? I currently work in a small 180-bed hospital, on a 45-bed Surgical/Oncology unit. I really hope to find an oncology position when we move, but I wonder if most cancer treatment takes places in the bigger cities in KS. Thanks again for your response!
  5. by   amb_lyn
    It's a small community hospital. All the local hospitals around us are Critical Access, 25 bed licensed. For the oncology units/clinics, you'll need to look in Topeka which is about 70miles north, and/or St. Joseph, MO which is about 60 miles (east).

    Our little hospital in Hiawatha is busier than all of the other rural hospitals around us. We have med/surg, ER, Outpt clinic, surgery, etc.
  6. by   LumpyRN
    go to heartland hospital in st. joseph Mo for oncology nursing, they have a very good unit there and great docs as well. its a 45 min drive though, depends on your needs. hiawatha hospital is very small, but very nice to work at so i hear.
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