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Hello, I'm a May 2004 new grad and still haven't began working yet. I just recently took the NCLEX a couple of weeks ago and began looking for a job which I thought would be easy with the nursing shortage and all. Yeah,... Read More

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    CONGRATS on the new job!

    I am sorry it stressed you out!
    Here in CA, new grads have noooooo problem finding a job.

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    If you don't mind relocating and living in the middle of nowhere Kansas... Come to North Central Kansas. We gladly will take new grads. And we dont eat our young...LOL. We are always in need of help after the temporary help goes back to school.
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    Here in central Illinois - there are new grad jobs also. Congrats on getting a job!
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    ME TOO! passed it in Sept 3rd and I can't even get a ******* call back. Everyone is basically telling me they'll hire new grads NEXT YEAR! So that means I have to wait like 4-5 MONTHS before I can work! WHAT WAS THE ******* POINT! ARGH! *wants to toss degree in the trash!* I can work right now as a ******* CNA!
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    Have you thought of applying at a VA hospital? Especially if you have any military background. It can be a lengthy process but once you get on you have your choice of what you want to do and where you want to do it. Also, almost all vets are appreciative of your help and you are serving your nation in a wonderful way. Taking care of our HEROS. Come join us! Applications can be found at the Wichita, Topeka, Leavenworth or KC VA.
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    The thread is from 2004.

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