National American University???

  1. Does anyone know someone whose working as an RN that graduated from National American University??? Also how long is the RN Program??
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  3. by   vannypeace
    NAU, is not a good university to my best of knowledge, I won't go there for nursing at least, all they care about is your money, pay this pay that, and they are not truthful, they are very Corney,they need student and they will say anything to get them, by the time you are with them and middle of nowhere you will understand what am talking about, don't take my word for it, investigate more.
    Try a community college.
  4. by   hospitalstaph
    I graduated from NAU. I thought that I received an excellent education. The NCLEX pass rate for my class was 95%. And the two that failed did go on to pass on the second attempt. I passed with 75 questions.

    I was strongly encourage by many not to go there, but I was willing to take the chance since I was tired of waiting to get into an ADN program. It was very expensive, but my employer paid off $3000 so that helped. If you take your prereqs at a community college you can significantly decrease your cost.

    I was offered 4 jobs on graduation and had no problem getting into a speciality area. In the end, I think it really comes down to you. I have worked with crappy nurses from big name universities and great nurses from schools that I never even heard of. I have yet to work with a nurse that was clearly from one school or another.

    And I truly have never understood the "only in it for money" argument. Any business (or person) that is trying to make money, will try to provide the very best product (education) that they can so that each graduate will tell others, and the school will get more students.

    So ask around and certainly apply to more than one school. You have to weigh the options for yourself. Who may grow to hate that stupid NAU song as much as I do! LOL
  5. by   LadyBug0387
    Hey Hospital Staph how long was the program? And what classes should I take at a community college so that I can decrease some of the cost? How much is tuition? An Last but not least Where did you get your offers from jobs?
  6. by   LadyBug0387
    Sorry for all the questions!!!
  7. by   butterfly135
    i was curious about this school as well so i am going to wait and see what people say. thanks kcnurs!ng! are looking at the one in overland park?
  8. by   queenjean
    There are so many other schools in the area; NAU costs exponentially more. Unless money isn't an issue, you are going to start with a huge amount of debt when you are finished.

    I've only known two people who attempted NAU, and both did not complete the program, but both were then also saddled with thousands of dollars of debt. They felt like the program was not up front with them about several issues; of course, it may have been some sour grapes, since neither of them passed.

    I paid less than 100$ a credit hour at the community college--why pay so much more? It's not like NAU is 3+ times as good, even though it costs 3+ times as much.
  9. by   LadyBug0387
    ^^^^Because I feel I won't have a good chance at getting into a community college program. And a program like NAU, Concorde, will give me a better advantage, I don't have time to be on a waiting list for 5 years plus, thats just unexceptable.
  10. by   chelley101
    I am a NAU graduate as well. I received 2 offers but was very selective in that I only wanted to work in a Pediatric area. Alot of my classmates received multiple offers and many in specialty areas as well.

    I agree with hospitalstaph it can be very costly. I however, did not graduate with a lot of student loans or debt. I took all my prereqs at JCCC and only took the required nursing courses at NAU. Some of my classmates did graduate with a large amount of student loan debt but you just have to determine what you are willing to spend.

    I passed NCLEX the first time and my class has 100% pass rate with only one person who did not take boards. I chose to go here because I was tired of waiting on Penn Valley and JCCC.
  11. by   LadyBug0387
    Chelley, would you be able to answer my questions: how long was the program? And what classes should I take at a community college so that I can decrease some of the cost? How much is tuition? An Last but not least Where did you get your offers from jobs? Thanks so much in advance!!!!
  12. by   chelley101
    My program was 18 months long and I graduated with an ADN from the Zona Rosa campus. I know that there is a campus at Overland Park that has a nursing program as well, I would assume that it is the same length.

    I can't remember the exact tuition amount but I think it was about $270/credit hour.

    Classess that you can take at community college are all your general education requirements. Nutrition, Microbiology, Chemistry, A&P (make sure that you take the one with lab, and I think there are 2 of these that you have to take now.), English, College Algebra, Psychology. I think that they did change some of the pre-reqs but you would have to check on that with them.

    My offers came both from Children's Mercy. One was in the ER and the other was in the NICU. Hope all that helps. If you need anymore info let me know. One thing that I will say is that it is still a pretty new program and they have not got all the bugs worked out, but I think it is getting a lot better. They have had 4 graduating classes at Zona Rosa and the 5th will graduate in December.
  13. by   LadyBug0387
    Thanks chelley, sorry for all of the questions but what are the classes that are being taken after all prerequisites are finished (how many & the content), what does the schedule look like is all day (7am-4pm)? Thanks again!!!
  14. by   Momof6wannabeRN
    I have been a student at NAU in Colorado. I love it. I have six kids and the classes are flexable and the instructors are working professionals, I have a 3.88 GPA so far, and I didn't have any wait list drama. I agree it is more expensive but financial aid is available. I guess time is money I would rather be done in two years than still waiting. I'll pay the difference. NAU is nationally accredited too. I think those who didn't do well are the ones complaining. All that matters is passing the NCLEX. I know I will be well prepared!