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Anyone attended this university? What are the teachers like? Im really interested in others who have completed the accelerated BSN program. Did you feel well prepared?... Read More

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    Hi everyone - so glad I found this post! I was just accepted to the Fall 2015 cohort today! To say I'm excited is an understatement @Ames123 sounds like we're going to be classmates! Hope everyone else gets great news soon!
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    I am anxiously awaiting an acceptance for Fall 2015 as well. I know some have been accepted already. My GPA was pretty good, I was told they take the best GPA (either pre-reqs or combined). I'm from out of state, so still worried that it won't work out. Those that have been conditionally accepted, what was the condition? I am finishing up my last 2 classes needed for the program - I've been in close contact with the admission coordinator for months now. Hopefully I will hear back soon.
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    My condition was that I finish my last class with a "C" or better.
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    I'm also wondering about how those who have been accepted have heard back already? When I called a few weeks ago I was told that the earliest I would hear back was May 1st. Had any of you applied before? Just curious. Hopefully I hear back soon. I am also finishing the last 2 pre-req classes.
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    I honestly think I heard back already because I applied about a month before the April 1st priority deadline. I heard back I think the second week of April. I only had like two weeks to make a decision. It felt like I was accepted with the first wave of people but of course I have no idea. When I called and talked to the school before applying, they also told me that May 1st was the earliest I would hear back. When did you apply? I'm sure you'll hear something soon, don't stress - I know it's hard
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    Thanks for the response. My app took a little longer to be submitted b/c of the various transcript institutions and 1 recommendation, so I think it came in a week or so before the deadline. Did you get a letter or email? Hopefully I'll hear back this week and can get things started . Are you in-state?
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    I actually got a phone call which I totally wasn't expecting. I received an email about four or five days later followed by a letter. I'm out of state from the west coast. Where are you at?
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    West coast too, California. I guess I'm waiting for a phone call then...

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