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Anyone attended this university? What are the teachers like? Im really interested in others who have completed the accelerated BSN program. Did you feel well prepared?... Read More

  1. by   equalme
    I was just notified that I have been accepted into the Fall 2017 ABSN program!!
  2. by   Dartis
    Congrats!! I am patiently (as possible) waiting to find out.
  3. by   equalme
    Quote from Dartis
    Congrats!! I am patiently (as possible) waiting to find out.
    Good luck! I'm assuming they just did another stack of reviews recently as I submitted my application not too long ago.
  4. by   Dartis
    Quote from equalme
    I was just notified that I have been accepted into the Fall 2017 ABSN program!!
    As of one hour ago I have been officially accepted into the ABSN program!!!
  5. by   JCPRNEMT
    I just graduated with my BSN-RN from MidAmerica Nazarene's Accelerated BSN program. I was our class President as well. Feel free to message me or ask any questions. I can tell you about anything you'd like to know about the program. Good luck future nurses!
  6. by   JCPRNEMT
    Just completed the ABSN Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University. I graduated 8/11/17. Please feel free to ask any questions you have. I'm happy to share my thoughts/advice.
  7. by   Dartis
    Hey, congrats on completing the program!!! How would you rate the level of difficulty of the program and how many hours on average a day would you say you devoted to studying?
  8. by   JCPRNEMT
    Thanks! Which scale would you like me to use to rate the difficulty? Do you want me to compare it to my first Bachelors degree which is in Corporate Finance? Or would you like me to compare it to Johnson County Community College where I did my science pre-reqs for this program? I'll do whichever you like so you can make a sound decision for yourself. But just know, this program is a Bachelors that covers 64 credit hours over the course of 12 months. Any way you slice and dice it, it's going to be hard, the material is complex and you're going to be consumed by it. BUT, only for a year!

    I would say that during the first 2 mods, which are entirely didactic, I studied outside of class 20-30 hours per week. It just depended on how many test we had each week and whether or not any group projects were due. I would come home from class, relax for a bit and then get to work on the assignments and such that were due in the next coming days. Probably 2-4 hours each night during the week. Then, I'd study with my study group all day Saturday from 0900-1700. Then, I'd put in another 4-5 hours Sunday night. The next 2 mods have less classes but two 12-hour hospital clinical shifts each week. You're not doing quite as much studying outside of class, but I would spend my entire weekend playing catch up from the prior week and getting ready for the week to come. The last two mods aren't bad at all. Mostly because you're so used to operating on little time and little sleep. Plus, the complexity of the classes and such drops off so that you can focus on Capstone/Field Internship hours. I hope this helps... Feel free to drop more questions if you like...
  9. by   Dartis
    Thanks! That is a big help! I start this fall and am attempting to at least have an idea of how I am going to manage my time while in school. Do you have an email I could message you through. My wife is a nurse and has books from when she went to nursing school at a different program. I'm hoping MNU uses the same!
  10. by   JCPRNEMT
    Absolutely... My name is Jason. Email me anytime... jcprnemt@gmail.com
  11. by   Dartis
    Thanks my name is Dominic. I'll email you.