MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN Fall 2016 - page 6

I am currently waiting to hear back from MNU on whether or not I was accepted into their Accelerated BSN program starting this Fall (2016). Seeing if anyone else out there has applied to this... Read More

  1. by   shanno9
    Hi guys! I'm the one that just added herself to the online group. I received my call yesterday. Very excited to start this journey with everyone!
  2. by   todd.saylor
    Hey guys I also was accepted for Fall 2017 and I just found this thread so I figured I would send a request to join the FB group. Look forward to meeting everybody!
  3. by   nitacent
    Hi guys! my name is Anita. I got accepted into the ABSN program for Fall 2017. I'm excited to start the program and meet you all! I'd like to join the Fall 2017 Facebook page. I am also interested in finding an apartment, as well as a roommate for more affordable cost. I currently live in South Carolina and will be moving to Olathe in August before the start of the program.
  4. by   MeaganLS
    Hi guys! I found the facebook group and am excited to start the program with all of you. I have heard great things about the program. I read through some of the threads posted by the group that just graduated and found it very helpful! See you in a few weeks
  5. by   mgrantcolburn
    If any of you guys need books, I'm graduating this program on August 11. I have lots of books for every mod.
  6. by   Danielleapotter
    mgrantcolburn, do you have the "Essentials of Nursing Practice Package"?