Mid-America Nazarene?

  1. 0 I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with MNU? I've talked to the admin a few times and I have the neat little package of admissions paperwork, anyone have any experience there as a student? How competitive is the admissions? How is the program? Did it prepare you to be a nurse? Thanks!
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    I didn't go there myself, but have a few friends who have. No has had anything but good to say about it. The accelerated program I hear is the most selective, my husband looked in to but it is grossly over priced $35,000 for one year of study. I have got nothing but good feed back, but it isn't easy on the wallet; I think for regular undergraduate classes their tuition is $350+ as semester.
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    Do you know of any good places to live around MidAmerica campus?
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    Also some advice on this program if there is anyone who has completed it?
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    Be very cautious choosing MidAmerica Nazarene University. I was accepted there, after taking some pre-req's at the university. I absolutely loved the instructors and the Dean of the Nursing program, I felt like home there. Once fall semester came, we found out that several of the instructors we had in the past were leaving, new teachers were coming in, & there was a new Dean. Everything was extremely disorganized, but not nearly as much as the spring semester coming up. We had an instructor for Pharmacology II and Health Restoration II who had only been a nurse for 2 1/2 years, and had NEVER taught before. She read from a powerpoint, and tested over something completely different. The first exam in one of the classes, only 7/30 passed..that was it. Strangely, it was a "student study" issue, and not a teacher issue. The instructors were very discouraging, and never willing to help with anything. I had always made A's and B's in the program, until that spring semester with that particular teacher who was horrible, and I was literally a few points from making the 73% they require. My first C's I had ever got, and was dismissed. I tried to talk to the instructor, who was also my advisor, and she actually brought in another instructor to talk to me about my issues in the class while she sat there with her arms crossed. They refused to listen to anything I had to say. I am trying to start ALL over again somewhere else after taking some time off. It was $700/credit hour, & about $12,000/semester and I am absolutely SICK about having so much debt and nothing to show for it. For whatever reason, I think the nursing program there is going through a rough patch, it's not the same program I applied to in 2012. Just be cautious...you will be better educated somewhere else, and you won't go bankrupt in the process.
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    Persistence- Did all of that occur Fall 2014? That is kind of alarming to hear about that.
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    What's going on there now? I'm getting ready to apply to the Fall '15 ABSN program, but don't want to move halfway across the country if the program is in shambles! Thank you.
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    I just applied... Im kind of concerned too

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