Licensed Missourian Nurse wanting to get a Kansas Nursing License....

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    help please!! would it be feasible to have a missouri compact license and a kansas license? i want to get a kansas license but by having that, you have to do 30 hours every 2 years of mandatory cpe training. i am not saying it is a bad thing or nothing like that (it's great). i am just wondering how a person would get notified of up coming cpe sessions? i talked with the kansas board of nursing and they said they do not send anything out to notify a person/nurses of cpe sessions. so how does one find out about them??

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    The CEs are just whatever approved continuing education you typically take. Most CE offerings through hospitals are approved. Online CE sites tell you which states they are approved in.
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    Of course it's feasible -- you can hold as many licenses as you're willing to maintain.

    Many facilities, on-line sites, and professional organizations provide CE offerings, many low-cost or free. It's not hard to come up with the required number of hours, and it's not hard to find opportunities. Every place I've ever worked has had a bulletin board where brochures and flyers about upcoming conferences, seminars, etc., in the area were posted. Also, lots of facilities offer their own in-hourse CE presentations.
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    WOW, thank you BlueGrass RN and elkpark for the invaluable information on where to get information on CE courses. I feel more confident now to retain a Kansas License and having to take CE courses.

    Thank you,

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