kaw tech, lpn program???

  1. i was hoping for some info on kaw techs lpn program, anyone went through it or know anything about this school?? any information helpful, thanks!
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  3. by   amb_lyn
    If you're referring to the Kaw Area Tech School in Topeka, KS then I have 'some' info.. They have gone through quite a bit of changes since I attended in 2002-2003.

    I did ALOT of self teaching as well as alot of other students in my class. I THINK they have gotten their acts together. I know they've had quite a few problems even after our class, but, I haven't heard so much the past year or so, so, maybe that means they're on the right path now.

    Was a good program overall, the best part was the clinical experience. Had awesome clinical instructors. I don't know if they're still there or not, but, they rocked.

    Good luck to you! Atchison has an LPN program also. We have students do clinicals at our local hospital. I hear good things about that program also. That program seems to have a better 'hands on' instruction than Kaw Area had. Atchison has a 'sim lab' they do alot of work in. I wish we had that.

    What i've found, is that after I started working, is where I got mosdt of my experience.
  4. by   butterfly135
    amb lyn,
    thank you so much for your reply, i live in lawrence area so i think atichson might be alittle far, but i will certainly check it out. i was just curious what kind of employment have you been able to find since graduation? docs office, hosp, long term care? just curious and thanks again for you advice its always good to get the inside opinion, not just what the school advisor says. also, did you bridge over to RN? if so was it an easier transition do you think than just going straight RN? thanks again!
  5. by   amb_lyn
    I have worked in both long term care as well as in hospitals. In the last 5yrs i've worked for 2 hospitals. I worked in long term care at the same time as the first hospital.

    I've done med-surg as well as my current position as Patient Care Coordinator, I've done Utilization Review, I'm currently doing Patient Education.

    I just got my acceptance letter in the mail today for a bridge program through Pratt Comm. College so I don't have any input as far as that goes. I think if i could do it over, I'd go straight for my RN.

    My plan is to bridge then in turn do a program probably through Fort Hays State University to obtain my BSN.
  6. by   butterfly135
    amb lyn,

    thanks again for your reply. very helpful. and congrats on your acceptance to RN program. good luck!!!
  7. by   queenjean
    Butterfly, since you are in Lawrence, I assume you are aware of Neosho County Community College in Ottawa? They have a bilevel program--first year is your LPN year, second is your ADN.

    Amb_lyn, I graduated from Pratt's online program last year and started FHSU's online RN-BSN program this semester. PM me if you have any questions.
  8. by   butterfly135
    queen jean,

    thank you for your reply, yes i am aware of neosho and plan on applying there . but they only admit once a year and kaw technical admits two times a year. so i am just looking at all the options so hopefully i can get accepted somewere the first time around. thanks again though for the idea. butterfly.
  9. by   amb_lyn
    Hey Queen! I'm looking forward to the RN Program to start. I begin the transition course here on the 20th of Nov.. I was thinking of looking into FSHU's BSN program as well when I'm finished with my ADN. How long is that program??
  10. by   queenjean
    They say it can be done in a year (including a summer semester) if you go full time; I'm not sure I see how that is possible. It'll probably take me three years taking 1-2 classes a semester (some classes are only 1 or 2 credit hours). If I wanted to do it in 3-4 semesters I guess I could, but I'm working full time and I'm paying cash for my books and tuition--so I really don't want to take more than 2-5 hours a semester! That's all my bank account can accommodate!