How do I get my BSN if I already started my general Ed in a different state?

  1. I am really confused about my situation and meeting with a counselor was a bad idea (she was about 25, talked like a valley girl, and clearly had no knowledge of my career path). I started my general education (transferrable AS) at a junior college in california. I only have about 15 units left to complete it, but my husband decided to join the army and we got stationed here in the middle of Kansas. The counselor I met with on post told me that my credits were not transferrable to another junior college because they are from a different state. This made NO sense to me. So I asked about finishing my units online through my California college, receiving my AS and transferring to a university here. She then explained that my degree would not be transferrable to a university outside of California! Since beginning my general Ed I have decided on a career. I am going to become an NP specializing in OBGYN. So my first step, as far as I know, would be receiving my BSN. However, i am now extremely confused on how to get it. Will I have to start all over or once I receive my AS(one way or another!) will I be able to transfer into a BSN program at a university? Also, I read somewhere that I would have to be a midwife, not a NP. Is that true because I do not want to be a widwife. I want to be a nurse practitioner, specialize in OBGYN and work either with a physician in an office or have my own practice. Any advice or assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.
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  3. by   BluegrassRN
    You need to find a nursing program first. Then you need to speak directly with their admissions office to determine what needs to occur for your enrollment (which general ed classes will transfer, which ones will not, what other classes specific to pre-nursing you will need to complete). How long will your husband be stationed in Kansas? That will certainly affect which program you choose. I would assume that programs located near military bases would be accustomed to assisting military personnel and their spouses with these sorts of issues.

    A nurse practitioner in women's health is just that: a nurse practitioner (which requires a masters degree at present) who specializes in GYN. Some women's health nurse practitioners obtain their masters in midwifery so that they can do OB, but certainly not all. Midwives with their masters degree are called CNMs=Certified Nurse Midwives.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Sounds like you were given bad advice, otherwise how does anyone transfer to that school? I would advise you to follow through with your plan to finish a degree from the CA school online. Then, you will most likely find, that the degree will be transferable to a local four year program. At least get the current in progress degree finished now. Worry about the future program afterwards. Best wishes.
  5. by   jl15
    We are Army too, living in Kansas. I am from California as well. I took a bunch of my undergrad courses in California and most of them transferred to the community college I am going to here for my ASN. The guidance counselor you talked to, I don't know what she was thinking but I would definitely not worry. As long as it was an accredited school nor technical school, most of your credits should transfer.