Edukan: Anatomy and Physiology II

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    Has anyone taken anatomy and physiology II online through Edukan? I'm debating whether to sign up for the class. Thank you!
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    I took it there, it has less busy work than A&P I and focuses a lot more on the physiology aspect of things. I would recommend it if you just want to get it done and over with. I didn't think that it was difficult but I also didn't think that I learned anything more than what I learned in my nursing courses. hope that helps.
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    Did you have to have labs proctored or any test proctored. Also, what is up with the A&P 2 part A and part B. What does that mean?
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    Part A and B are just course sections (different classes that typically have different start and end days) and you just have to have your final proctored. HTH
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    Thanks for the reply. Sounds easy. I was worried all the test had to be proctored which would be really hard for me. Since it just one I am paying for the class right now .
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    Oh...on more question. I am taking part B summer one session with Pleifer. Has anyone taken him and is her good?
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    ybstressed.....How was the class? I'm thinking of taking it here. Was your instructor good? Thanks