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Anyone here taken any classes with EduKan? I want to enroll in a microbiology course. Thanks in advance.... Read More

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    Im having my baby girl at the end of dec so i figured taking the late course would give me enough time to get in a schedule with her.

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    Quote from CNM2B201?
    I just enrolled in microbiology thru Edukan. On the syllabus it doesnt say anything about an on campus lab.... is this something they tell you about later or is it only required by certain instructors?? one instructor better than the other..or do they all teach the same way for the micro class?

    have you started micro? How is it going? I need to take this and I can't deciede if I should do EduKan or com college KCKCC
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    Quote from blessedw2&ahubby
    have you started micro? How is it going? I need to take this and I can't deciede if I should do EduKan or com college KCKCC

    my class doesnt start until March 14...I picked the session 3 micro which is an 8 week class I think. Ive done a lot of searches on here though...and so far havent found one person who regretted taking this course or any other thru Edukan.
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    Thanks for sharing! I need to take Micro, Anatomy with lab, phsiology with lab,and ethics. I am give EduKan some serious thought. Have you taken any of those classes? Keep me posted on micro.

    Blessings and good luck!
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    I've taken AP w/lab but not from edukan..I took it online through another college this semester.

    I think Edukan offers ethics..I know they offer AP I and AP II but not Anatomy w/lab or Physiology w/lab
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    I completed my Microbiology class. I've learned a lot and recommend the class.
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    I am considering taking this course mirco at edukan

    How are the exams? (200 points)

    and the quizzes (10points)


    Help me! I really need to get an A. Is it hard? how is the teacher in grading
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    We are in the same class. Give me a buzz, if you want an e-study partner.
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    @BSNN. I havent paid for my classes yet waiting to ge paid. did you have to pay the total bill or can we make payments did u get your book yet
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    @Third watch how much would you be willing to sell your book for since u live in the l.a area?

    @BSNN. Sure we can be online study partners. I tried to get my other firned to sign up with me but she was procastinating and Im really seriosu about getting into the bsn program by Winter2011

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