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Anyone here taken any classes with EduKan? I want to enroll in a microbiology course. Thanks in advance.... Read More

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    I just finished spring session 3 classes with Edukan. I think Edukan is great! I'm getting ready to start A&P I for summer session. Anyone else going to be in the summer A&P I class? I'm really nervous about this class and taking it along with Intermediate Algebra, sure hope that is doable. I've been advised not to take a science and math class together but I am hoping I can handle it.

    Anyway, if anyone has any advice for the A&P I Edukan class, I sure would be interested.


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    The A&P I class that I took entailed a lot of busy work. We had to answer all of the questions at the end of each chapter (and type out the questions), ADAM lab software every chapter, discussions, and 3 web sites for each chapter. You must keep up on the busy work to stay afloat. Hope that helps! good luck!
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    Thanks for the info tparks! It's always nice knowing what you're getting into, settles the nerves some

    I wanted to purchase my textbook today but I'm confused.... the syllabus states that we need the 7th edition but when going to ecampus it lists the 8th edition. I am assuming that we are expected to use the 8th edition. Although, I can't find an 8th edition that states it comes with the IP-10 software. I even tried calling Amazon to ask them since they sell the 8th ed. text but they seemed as though they knew nothing more than what was listed on the website that I was viewing. Has anyone bought the 8th ed. text and know if it comes with the Interactive Physiology software -- or does anyone know whether the syllabus just hasn't been updated and we no longer need the software???

    I was really anxious to buy my book this evening so I'd be very grateful if anyone had any info to offer about this. Otherwise, I plan to call ecampus tomorrow and try to contact the instructor to find out what I can.
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    We didn't use the software and I have the 8th edition.
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    Ok, I got my books!

    I have Tricia for A&P 1. I'm trying to get ahead on some of the work, do you know if she requires all of the ADAM labs to be completed or does she pick and choose which ones to do? Also, how far do you have to go on the labs (which chapter begins A&P 2)? Do we have to do the 'beyond ADAM' lab questions?
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    A&P II starts with the special senses I believe that that is chapter 14. In the ADAM software you will go all the way through the nervous system and stop before the eyeball.
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    Hello I am in your class, we should hook up and compare notes.
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    Thanks tparks for the info, once again. I sure appreciate it!

    Melpizza, nice to see someone from class here! How's the class going for you? I'm working on getting ahead on all my ADAM labs. Those and the end of chapter questions sure would go quicker if we didn't have to type all the questions out, too! I'm really anxious for Wednesday to see how particular she is with grading them, along with the review questions, webliographies and threaded discussions. The tests I am doing fine on so far. Got an A on the syllabus test and chapter 1 test. I'm not so sure how this next chapter is going to go for me, I'm lost when it comes to Chemistry.

    Keep in touch
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    To nvRgivNup, I think I may have the wrong A&P book, in the second chapter Tricia asks us to answer 36 questions at the end of the chapter, I only have 35, would it be possible for me to send you the questions I have to confirm if what I have is right, it may benefit us both, I am a fast typer, and this may save me the hassle of getting another book and you the hassle of typeing the questions. think about it, thanks.
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    No problem melpizza. I'm EP in class so send me an email from there to access my personal email address so I don't have to post it on a public forum.

    I noticed the same difference. I have the 8th ed. and I think she is listing assignments from the 7th ed. still. I only have 35 questions and the page numbers vary from what she has posted. I think they upgraded editions recently. I had the same issue in another class and the instructor said they upgraded editions and all the info was posted from the old edition still.

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