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Anyone here taken any classes with EduKan? I want to enroll in a microbiology course. Thanks in advance.... Read More

  1. by   tparks
    We didn't use the software and I have the 8th edition.
  2. by   nvRgivNup
    Ok, I got my books!

    I have Tricia for A&P 1. I'm trying to get ahead on some of the work, do you know if she requires all of the ADAM labs to be completed or does she pick and choose which ones to do? Also, how far do you have to go on the labs (which chapter begins A&P 2)? Do we have to do the 'beyond ADAM' lab questions?
  3. by   tparks
    A&P II starts with the special senses I believe that that is chapter 14. In the ADAM software you will go all the way through the nervous system and stop before the eyeball.
  4. by   melpizza
    Hello I am in your class, we should hook up and compare notes.
  5. by   nvRgivNup
    Thanks tparks for the info, once again. I sure appreciate it!

    Melpizza, nice to see someone from class here! How's the class going for you? I'm working on getting ahead on all my ADAM labs. Those and the end of chapter questions sure would go quicker if we didn't have to type all the questions out, too! I'm really anxious for Wednesday to see how particular she is with grading them, along with the review questions, webliographies and threaded discussions. The tests I am doing fine on so far. Got an A on the syllabus test and chapter 1 test. I'm not so sure how this next chapter is going to go for me, I'm lost when it comes to Chemistry.

    Keep in touch
  6. by   melpizza
    To nvRgivNup, I think I may have the wrong A&P book, in the second chapter Tricia asks us to answer 36 questions at the end of the chapter, I only have 35, would it be possible for me to send you the questions I have to confirm if what I have is right, it may benefit us both, I am a fast typer, and this may save me the hassle of getting another book and you the hassle of typeing the questions. think about it, thanks.
  7. by   nvRgivNup
    No problem melpizza. I'm EP in class so send me an email from there to access my personal email address so I don't have to post it on a public forum.

    I noticed the same difference. I have the 8th ed. and I think she is listing assignments from the 7th ed. still. I only have 35 questions and the page numbers vary from what she has posted. I think they upgraded editions recently. I had the same issue in another class and the instructor said they upgraded editions and all the info was posted from the old edition still.
  8. by   WillPRNForFood
    I am tinkering with the idea of taking Micro through EduKan. Does anyone know if the class will transfer across to KU? Or maybe Baker?
  9. by   tparks
    yep BIO 165 will transfer to KU as Micro according to their transfer list online
  10. by   LosAngelesLVNRN
    hi amblyn
    I just applied at Edukan because i want to take science classes online. What default college did u choose? I chose Colby CC because I dont tknow which one to pick. How long was your A&P class. I need to take that class too and micro. Thanks
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  11. by   tparks
    It doesn't matter which school you apply to unless you want to go to a specific one after you get your general education credits done. If you want to go to Pratt's or Barton's nursing program then you should pick that school so you don't have to pay to have your transcript sent to them. I hope that makes sense. A&P can be taken in a shorter session I know that they offer it in a 3 month period (or longer) and they may offer it in a shorter time period than that too.
  12. by   melpizza
    Hey, LosAngelesLVN, I recommend selecting your edukan professor wisely, I had the utter misfortune to have an instructor who's, chapter outlines in no way, reflected the chapter tests.(convoluted and obscure questions) you can imagine how frustrating that was. And no it did not improve my learning, and no it didnt make me think,,,they all come back with that line it seems, "its to make you think",,,,,,I will be choosing more wisely next time,,,,its the only complaint I had, if I had known, I would have asked around for a better instructor,,, thanks
  13. by   nursingprereqs
    which instructor did you have that you didnt like?