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  1. Does anyone know what a Clinical Associate at Shawnee Mission Medical Center makes? I'm taking a CNA course next semester and was hoping to find a CNA position there after I was done and passed the exam. I would like to continue working there (if possible) while in nursing school and completing my RN.
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  3. by   FutureCRNA?
    Did you ever find out?
  4. by   pj10
    No i haven't. I couldn't find any info on their website either. I've heard that CNAs don't make much but I'm still curious what a CNA would make in a hospital setting.
  5. by   frodo-dog
    In the Arizona Phoenix hospital that I work in, CNA's makes $13/hour.
  6. by   FutureCRNA?
    I found out that they make $12.50-$13.00 per hour plus weekend/night differentials at SMMC. Good luck to you!
  7. by   pj10
    Thanks for the info! I am currently taking my CNA class and hopefully will be able to find a job soon after that. Good luck to you too!
  8. by   FutureCRNA?
    I interviewed there a while back and I'm really hoping to get a call back sometime soon to start. I've been looking for a hospital job for about a year (on and off) I know I'll be a better nurse for it once I graduate
  9. by   FutureCRNA?
    Where are you doing your CNA at?
  10. by   pj10
    I'm taking an 8 week class at KCKCC. It is done in early March so I'm hoping to find a job soon after that. I'm looking for a hospital job as well and I've heard that CNAs in hospitals will/can learn more. I'm like you, I know I'll be a better nurse for it too. I'm just waiting to get into nursing school now!
  11. by   Ceeza
    Quote from frodo-dog
    In the Arizona Phoenix hospital that I work in, CNA's makes $13/hour.
    I'm finishing cna school next week. Is your hospital hiring anymore?
  12. by   pj10
    I couldn't reply to your message earlier because the site won't let people without 15 topics posted respond or send messages.

    That's good you got an interview (and probably the job)! How did the interview go? I still see that they have day and night shifts posted on their website. I'm just worried that since I won't have any experience, I won't get on there. The night shift doesn't sound too bad though. Good to know about KU. I'll check their listings and see what's available.

    Are you in nursing school now?