CNA class at Kansas College of Nursing?

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    Hi All, brand new to this website. It's wonderful! I'm at beginning of journey to RN. I work full-time now, but not in healthcare. Am starting pre-reqs. Have a BA already and Masters in Social Work. Am thinking about CNA to get me into healthcare setting now. Great feedback in these forums about whether to do this or not!

    Am looking at different programs in my area--Johnson County. JCCC is hard to get into--classes fill up immediately. Has anyone taken CNA class at Kansas College of Nursing in Olathe? Just learned of them yesterday.

    Any feedback appreciated about this CNA program or others in my area! Thanks!

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    I am as well new to this all nurses I seen your post and decided to join, I think this site may be able to help me some. I currently have my C.N.A. License and just got sighed up to go to Kansas College of nursing in Olathe for a refresher course. So I am also wondering if anyone has went there and what there experience was like? I am hoping to find a job after my license is back in working order at a Doctor's office but I don't know how to go about finding openings. I know there are office's in the area that Hire C.N.A.'s but Just looking for some help on were to look for the openings. Thanks so Much for anyone that can help me out. I don't really want to work for a nursing home, I did that and didn't really like it. I have also looked for hospital openings I am just not having much luck. Thanks again for any advice.
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    I just got done with my reffresher course at Kansas college of Nursing. And I would like to let you know it is a very good school to go to. The teacher that teaches the C.N.A. class was watching over our class for a while and he is great. He taught us things that I never did learn in my original C.N.A. class. Not saying I didn't love my first class because I did (I went to Kansas City Kansas Technical school). If you are thinking of getting your C.N.A. I would say that would be a good place to go if it is close to your house. I personaly think it is a good ideal to get it before you become a nurse and work as a C.N.A. as well because then when you become a nurse you can better work with your C.N.A.'s under you because you know what it is like to do the work they do everyday. Nursing isn't always a team thing but it should be, we should be able to work well with our nurses. It makes the day so much better when you have a great nurse.
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    CACNKRM, thanks so much for the feedback! This is exactly what I wanted to know.
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    My husband went there for the same reason, JCCC classes filling up too fast. He really liked it overall. Great instructor looking at the work and review material it seems to cover all the important stuff. A little more expensive, but if it helps you get your license faster, it's worth it.
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    I will say that anyone that takes this class and doesn't like it really is a scrooge. I just finished it and the instructor John is an excellent teacher. Made sure he over teaches, and the location where we did clinicals was great. They are going to be moving to OP sometime this year and hopefully will be offering LPN courses by then. I just hope John will be teaching it cause i will skip applying to JCCC and not waste my time. Absolutely worth the extra money.
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    Parumph, thanks so much for feedback! Am finishing up pre-reqs this Spring at KCKCC and have put in app for the Fall 2011 RN program. CNA class is next on the list. Plan to take this summer. My excitement about nursing is really building! Your review of Kansas College of Nursing is so encouraging that I wish I could sign up right now.
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    I'm just finishing up my CNA course at Kansas College of Nursing (in part because of the reviews on this thread) and I've LOVED it. I really feel that the instructor wants us to be not only competent at our jobs, but excellent. I'm pretty sure we've learned more than required by the state, and I can't think that's a bad thing! They're thinking that the LPN program will be ready to begin late summer and if I wasn't already done with my associates I'd probably go ahead and go there (I've enjoyed it so much I've thought about going instead of the RN programs, but with so many college credits already it seems like I should go ahead and do the RN). It's a little pricier than JCCC, but honestly to get the class done with in a month instead of five, I think it's money well spent (and the teacher made it well worth it).
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    OlatheJessica, great to get your feedback! Helpful info for me and I hope others. JCCC classes are the least expensive (from what I can tell) but very difficult to get into. They seem to fill up in the first minute after enrollment begins. Helpful to know of a viable alternative in Johnson County.
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    I also got my CNA through Kansas College of Nursing and had a great experience. It was awesome to get it done in a month or so instead of dragging it out for a whole semester, and the actual education was top notch.
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