Butler Community College El Dorado, KS

  1. Just curious if anyone is in this program, has been recently or will be trying to get in soon?

    What was your overall score and Teas scores? I know it's competitive and I really want to make it. At the May 20th deadline the program received 370 apps and only 56 will get in...makes me nervous already.

    I'm taking my last prereq this summer and will apply by the Sept 20th deadline if everything goes as planned. I will take the Teas in August before fall classes start.

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    Hi there, I just got my acceptance letter in the mail today for the Butler Nursing Program, starting Fall 2012. My overall TEAS V score was 89.3%, reading - 90.5, Math 93.3, Science 85.4, and English and Language Usage 90. I actually took it at the Pratt Testing Center at the end of April because all of the test times were filled at Butler, and Pratt is pretty much anytime Mon-Fri. I am very excited and already can't wait to begin! I wish you luck and success!
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    Wow, that is cool. I am about to try to apply for the Spring 2013 program at Butler. Can you tell me did you think that it was easy to get in? I have been getting a lot of run around from schools and I am so tired of it. I am just wanting to get into a program?I just moved to Wichita from Nashville thinking that I would be able to get into a nursing program faster. I have all of the prereq classes for butler. Frustrating when people tell you, well you need this or that then at another school they tell you oh you forgot about that. Please if you can give me any tips it would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Have you taken the TEAS yet?
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    Bobbij, what were your grades in the prereqs?