Are there any Pratt CC LPN-RN students here?

  1. I am trying to get into the Hybrid LPN-RN program for Summer '12. They have not told me whether I've made it or not. Classes start 5/21/12. I don't think I've made the cut. Could some of you tell me what you made on TEAS and your pre-req course grades to get in? I wou;d really appreciate it. It is frustrating when the admissions dept can't /won't tell you anything.

    Thank You!!
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  3. by   msnoetteall
    Hello, we are in the same boat, the average Teas is 68, and also most students get credit for the A&P with a grade of A or B. Hope this helps.
  4. by   jl15
    Hi, I heard they let people know around 6 weeks before the start. So you still have some time not to worry.
  5. by   bcarter63
    I too am looking into the Pratt LPN to RN Online Program...I am hopin to get into the Jan. '13... I would really enjoy finding others that too are going this route or have gone through it....also if anyone thats hopefully starting this coming Jan. and would like to forma study group... as they say 2-3 heads alot better tha one...if you have any info to share... eays to make studing better...anything that will just help or books you want to sell, please email me at
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  6. by   mseawood1
    Hi I'm in the program & set to graduate in Oct!!!
  7. by   Nurse Adams
    Hello all I have received notification that I have been accepted into the 2013 Summer Hybrid ADN program I m desperately interested in purchasing courses related text or instructional material. I reside in Louisiana and would love to offset some cost by purchasing required text at a discounted rate. Please feel free to email me a list of required books if at all possible.

    Thanking you in advance