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I am just curious if anyone here is currently in or has been in the nursing program at WSU. I am still a few semesters away from applying but was wanting to know what to expect as far as waiting lists and the interview process. ... Read More

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    That makes sense to me. Right now, WSU is just my best option and I'll move ahead with that unless something else happens. Right now, I'm also exploring the option of Navy nursing after I graduate. That's certainly not something I ever anticipated looking into, but it's at least something to research right now in this rather low-key waiting period.

    I've had fun chatting with you about school! Take care and don't hesitate to stay in touch.

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    I currently attend WSU and I'm trying to finish up my pre-req's (i changed majors and schools) and it looks like I won't be done with my pre-req's until the end of next spring '09. Im hoping to apply for the fall of '09 but I really need to meet (again) with a counselor to see all that i need ready before that. I know a Kansas law recently went into effect stating that if you did not attend an accredited Highschool than you must take the GED. I have not done that yet either so I need to get going! WSU is a great school and AP was not unbelievably hard when i took it from Dr.Kent Thomas last semester. I'm taking Micro from him next semester and then I need to do Patho the following semester. I currently work for Via Christi St.Joseph (almost 1 year) and I am the Surgical Supply Distribution Coordinator. I was previously a patient transporter and a PCT II working in pre-op/post-op and I loved it! I would highly recommend getting a job at a local hospital prior to putting so much energy into the nursing program. You will be able to quickly tell whether a health profession is the best fit for you or not. I have also talked to the WSU counselors abuot their admitting process if anyone has any questions. I am so glad I found these forums! Thanks and Good providence to you all!
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    what the heck...I killed the thread? I was just trying to make new friends!
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    I am planning on applying to WSU nursing program for Fall 09. I dont have any prior expierence in nursing ie, CNA. How much do you think this will hinder me in getting accepted into the program?
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    Anyone apply recently? How was the process? Interview? I won't be applying for two more semesters. I am already nervous though.
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    I just applied for FAll 2009 and I did not even get to the interview process. I got a letter saying there was too many qualified applicants and not enough spaces. They do not give any reason why I was not chosen. I have a 3.8gpa, I scored 84 on teas, they say they only use teas as pass/fail. I do not have any health care expierence like a cna or anything. The nursing advisor even mentioned that it was too late to get a cna when she talked to me about my plan of study. I plan on applying to butler for the Fall 2009, they have a bridge program with Wichita State where you end up getting bachelors degree too.
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    I am so sorry that you didn't get in. Why was it too late for you to get your cna? I am getting mine in May but won't be applying for the program for two more semesters. I can't believe that you didn't even get an interview with a 3.8. That scares me. Good luck with Butler. You have a good TEAS score so I bet you have a good shot at getting in.
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    Well, I thought about CNA and was told by advisor it wasn't a requirement and may not make a big difference with my GPA. Then I talked to the nursingadvisor in November and she was like it would have been good if you had your CNA. I was like I thought it wasnt a big deal. She said my GPA is good so it will be ok. The first time I was with an advisor was like year and 1/2 before so maybe it was not as competitive then?
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    That surprises me but I guess every adviser is different. When I met with one last year she told me I needed to get my cna to even be considered. She even handed me the info for WATC (however I am getting mine through Butler).
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    I found it to my advantage to always check in with them and keep asking more and more questions. I have noticed that advisors change their story a lot of time, at least mine did. Said i needed this class, then I didnt, but then I did. I quickly changed advisors after that. Make them make sure they know you, in that good way though. I cannot see where they would say the CNA is not necessary since its a requirement where I go ( Fort Hays ) and you do a lot of CNA skills in clinicals.

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