anyone doing Pratt on line lvn to adn? anyone doing Pratt on line lvn to adn? | allnurses

anyone doing Pratt on line lvn to adn?

  1. 0 Hi . I would love to hear from anyone doing Prat on line lvn to adn program. Thanks,
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    I emailed you.

    Anyone else who is interested in info can pm me. I just graduated from that program, so I can give you the scoop and answer any questions.

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    hi queenjean I would like to know more about the pratt lpn to rn program and what you thought about it I am trying to get into the july 09 session thanks!
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    I need info. about the Pratt LPN-RN online program. How long/where are the clinicals? Does it seem harder since all of the didactic is online? Would you recommend this program to others?
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    I would like some info too! I graduated just a month ago and take boards in a week, so I'm really looking into anything I can do to advance...from a distance. Thanks!
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    queenjean, how would rate this program as far a being able to complete it while working full time w/ a family? Did you also complete your pre-req's online? How was the TEAS test, and where do you take it? When should you come to campus?
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    tparks, how often are you going to pratt, or do you update via phone/e-mail, etc. Would you recommend going down there in person to apply, or would you think it matters? When did you take your TEAS test, and where? Thank You...............:-)
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    I took my Teas at KU.
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    Hello, Iam going to go to Pratt for LPN bridge. I was also wondering about the program. It is to long to get into programs in Missouri so I am trying Kansas. Please give information about this program if possible. Thanks in advance for any information.
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    I'm finishing up my program with Pratt. I'll be graduating in 3 weeks!! Yay!!

    Overall it's been a great program! I feel as though I've learned TONS! You definitely will have to want your RN to do this and stick with it. It is time consuming, but worth it.

    Clinicals, we've been to Larned for our psych, Children' Mercy for peds, Stormont Vail and Overland Park Regional for Med surg/tele/icu/er. We also have a community clinical week which I'll be doing this week and i've chosen Hospice. I'm in the northeastern part of Kansas so this is where I've been. I do know the southeast group does their clinicals in Wichita.

    I recommend the program to anyone who's interested and has the time and dedication to spend. You get out of it what you put into it.
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    I just got accepted to the Pratt online lpn-rn program that starts January 2011!! I am very excited. Can anyone tell me how long the program is after you finish the transition class?
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    A couple of weeks. I believe the transition course finishes up in the middle of Dec and the course starts the first week in Jan.. At least that's how it was when I did it. I graduated in 2009.
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    When I entered, I had a transition class that lasted a couple of weeks, then a couple of weeks off, and then the program officially started. It was about 11 months long.

    I was in the second class they ever had, I think I graduated 3 years ago? 4 years ago? I can't even remember some aspects of the program might have changed significantly since my time.