Any Wichitans love their job? Any Wichitans love their job? | allnurses

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Any Wichitans love their job?

  1. 0 After another horrendous weekend, I am about to be done with my current Med Surg job. I am currently looking around for other opportunities in the Wichita area, and I am wondering if there are any facilities where it isn't grueling day in and day out? I do not really want to work for a Dr's office, but I am pretty much open to anything. For those of you who work at Wesley, what are conditions like there? Kansas Medical Center?

    Thanks! Flea
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    I know this is soooo late. but I jiust surfed into your forum... try one of the boutique hospitals or the new one in Amdover. I don't kno where u live, but w/gas prices now off the hook... choose carefully
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    im at wesley, i like the hospital but not bedside nursing so i'm looking for another job right now. pay is good, (i've got 2 pay raises in 5 mo. since they are trying to keep up with the competition) i'm a newby and make 19.01/hr plus shift diff and all that.