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hi, i am currently doing my prereqs now at highland community college. i am going to transfer to either jccc or neosho which ever one i get accepted to. i was wondering if anyone could give me some info on getting accepted into... Read More

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    JCCC also has a nursing informational meeting like once or twice a month... where a director does a powerpoint presentation of all the different nursing programs they offer, plus they have a ton of transfer information for those taking pre-nursing classes at jccc and then transferring to other schools for their BSN and such...

    Its pretty helpful and you can ask lots of questions and its a great introduction to the programs... plus you get like a gazillion handouts with helpful information.

    You have to call and reserve a spot, you can just call the student resource center or any of the other numbers above will get you with someone you need to talk to.
    they do fill up, they ended up doing standing room only in the one I was at because so many people wanted to attend.

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    Thanks to all those giving info! I really appreciate it.

    I'm torn between trying to take anatomy over the summer and physiology in the fall versus taking anatomy in the fall and physiology in the spring. I will be applying to JCCC in the Fall of 2009 and I wanted to have both A&P finished by the time I applied in December or January. The only way to do that at this point would be to take anatomy in the summer. Does it matter if you have all of the science classes completed at the time of your application? Worst case scenario, I would have everything BUT physiology.

    I'm also worried about the ACT, which I never took. The science portion is really difficult. I have a study booklet and am still freaking out about that particular portion. I've worked on it a lot and still miss quite a few. What do you think is the lowest possible science and overall score I would need?

    Thanks to all of you for answering these questions! I think I will be in a state of panic until I actually get in a program, which won't be til next year! Best of luck to everyone.
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    Hey there!

    Here is what I did: App was due at the beginning of January - the same month I was just starting Micro and A&P. I didn't have them all done when I applied, but I did have decent grades in the classes leading up to them, and I made sure they knew I was enrolled at that time. So don't freak out about having everything done before you apply. It's better to take them knowing you will have enough time to learn the material and get a good grade. Yes, they do look to see you have completed some of the courses - but at least half the class had one or more classes left when we started. It's OK!

    So far as the ACT goes - JCCC offers through their testing center the capability of taking the ACT at certain times throughout the semester - it's called Residual testing - the ACT is a real ACT test, but it doesn't get sent to the ACT company - the school grades it. This gives you more (and cheaper) opportunities to take it - just be warned, because it's done as a residual test, it's only applicable at JCCC. But the nursing school accepts it. Read about it at - at the bottom there is a link that will send you to ACT Residual testing. Or call up to the testing center and ask about it. My advice is to take it as soon as you can - so that you can retake it if you want to. Getting your score may give you a better idea of how to study, or (if you get a good score!) that you can stop studying! I had a great ACT score overall, but my science was my lowest score. I believe it was a 23 or 24. There is a lower limit - it should be listed on the website, application, or in the packet that Gale sends out. Not sure what it is off the top of my head.

    My last piece of advice is to calm down. Just relax. You'll get in at JCCC or somewhere else, and you'll work hard, and you'll get that RN you're chasing down.

    One more last thing - calle Gale at in the nursing office and talk to her. Have her send you the information packet, if you haven't already. Ask to go up there and take a look around - I've seen her taking several students on tours of the nursing area

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