Accepted into LPN school, next step ADN- Where? Later-BSN

  1. Ok, so a little background

    I am going to an LPN school in Topeka where I have advanced standing... I went to a BSN program for a year where I had some EXTREME ISSUES with them, and ovbiously I'm not going there anymore...Ugh

    ANYWAYS- I live in Lawrence and I want to know what you guys think about some of the ADN programs around the KC area...
    I plan to get my ADN and continue working at KUMED where I'm currently at- and getting my BSN online through KU (Since they'll pay for some of it) and also because I'm probably done with most of it already...

    So, Good ADN schools
    The state board of nursing website is my friend- so I know some of the technical aspects

    But I want personal opinions and/or experience


    Also, does anyone know when KCKCC starts their ADNprogram? do they have both fall and spring entry?
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  3. by   starfishlpn
    KCKCC has both a spring and fall start, but last time I spoke with someone about their program I was told they only have like an average of 8 spots for advanced standing LPN students, with forty LPNs applying for the previous semester, but that was about a year and a half ago. They require two different lpn-rn transition courses, both two credit hours. They say that you don't have to have them completed prior to applying but it would make you look like a better candidate. I actually did my LPN at KCK, right when it was transitioning from the area tech school and liked it overall, though a bit disfunctional at times. All of the courses that I have taken at the main campus since were sub-par and the financial aide and business offices are utterly clueless; it takes eons and multiple in-person visits to get anything done. I have heard mostly negative stuff both from this forum and other students and nurses, there retention rate is supposedly just terrible plus the last three years their pass rates, though not atrocious, have been well below the state average. After finishing up my last couple of gen eds at KCK in the spring, and seeing how the school operates I decided to go else where to further my nursing education (and start in Jan, yay!). Don't just take my word for it, talk to those who have actually gone through the articulation program; they could probably give you greater insight.
  4. by   BluegrassRN
    I went to Pratt online. It worked well for me. You have to have some experience before applying to the LPN to RN program, but I don't know how much, maybe 6 months or a year full time? Clinicals are typically in the KC area, classes are online. Degree is from Pratt community college, it's the same degree as a brick and mortar school (ie, same degree as their classroom based program).

    Neosho county in Ottawa does an online LPN to RN program, too, but clinicals are more likely in the Lawrence-Ottawa area, maybe a few in KC. Whereas at Pratt, you do your classroom stuff first and then your clinicals all at once at the end of each semester, Neosho has the clinicals spread out throughout the semester.
  5. by   starfishlpn
    Both of these schools may be options for you, Pratt starts in Spring and Summer, and Neosho starts in summer only. Both require you to do the teas and Neosho can also be done partially on campus, like one/two days a week, and you must go to the campus most weeks for an exam. Your best bet is to check with the schools directly.
  6. by   amb_lyn
    I also did the Pratt Community College LPN to RN Online program.

    I do know Butler CC and Hutchison CC each have online programs as well. May be worth checking into.
  7. by   lilsweets13
    Starfishlpn- I did KCKCC LPN at the transition period too. Were you in first or second semester when they transitioned?
  8. by   starfishlpn
    I was part of the first graduating class, December 2008, officially a was accepted to ATS but graduated from KCKCC. U?
  9. by   NLB32
    I know this is an old thread, but can anyone tell me if I can apply to the LPN program at KCKCC while still working on pre-reqs? I have a previous bachelors degree but need spring and summer semesters to finish up pre-reqs, but really want to apply for a fall start. I'm waiting to hear back from the Program Director and/or advising but it's Christmas break so it'd be great if I could get some info here first.