RN/BSN pay in quad cities?

  1. hi everyone. i am a nursing student in TN right now and may soon be relocating to the quad cities. i was wondering what the RN pay rates are in that area and what kind of facilities are there. i'd love some info from real nurses instead of simply looking at hospital websites. i appreciate anyone's help. thanks, y'all!
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  3. by   kelvin912

    There are two hospital "chains" here in the Quad Cities.

    The first, and best imho (its where my wife works) is Genesis Health System http://www.genesishealth.com. There are three Genesis hospitals in the area, Genesis East and West in Davenport, IA and Illini Hospital in Silvis, IL. The two in Davenport have achieved Magnet status.

    The second is Trinity http://www.trinityqc.com. There are also three Trinity hospitals here, Trinity West in Rock Island, IL, Trinity Seventh Street in Moline, IL and Trinity Terrace Park in Bettendorf, IA.

    In addition to the hospitals, there are countless nursing homes, doctors offices, etc.

    I cannot comment on starting pay at any facility other than Genesis. I believe part of the Magnet requirement was to increase starting wages and it is now at $18.00 per hour, but I'm sure that depends on experience. There are various differentials that are in addition to the base wage.

    If there is any information you would like about the Quad Cities please feel free to PM me.

    Good luck,

  4. by   traumaRUs
    I am from the QC and loved it there very much. They are rural yet cosmopolitan with the Mark at the QC - a very modern concert venue.
  5. by   jodidax
    i have lived here all my life and worked here as a rn, ia is the lowest paid for rns and all nurses if you check it out you may find that information located, genesis is magnet statis but they have the lowest pay about 2.00 lower that anyone, you can go to trinity and start out at a higher pay rate because they are illionois based, genesis is the better place to work, but are very hard on their nurses,. they just dont hire to keep, and have just laid off over 100 employees for the second time in the last few years. with genesis its all about budget. expect to bust your a---------- if you want to work there but over all the staff is there to work together and will never leave you hanging or on your own, but watch the medications. even if you have an order if you give meds more than once or twice a shift, a count comes up and you will get reprimanded if a nurse medicates more than what pharm thinks you should be medicating a pt for. regardless of pain issues you will be warranted, just be careful. the drug war is working against nurses not working for the patients. i know a nurse who was just fired and turned into the board for what they say is diversion just becasue she medicated more than what they thought she be medicating. the pt agreed he was medicated by her as they will question the pt when your not around. this nurse worked here for over ten years. with good record. now with omnicell the count is what counts. be careful. this nurse was not disciplined as it was not justified by the board but she was fired and could not find employment in the quad cities due to rumor. no one would hire her. i dont know where she is now but i hope she is ok, this drug problem is so bad its scaring alot nurses so pts are not getting adequate pain meds. or just none at all. otherwise genesis is a good clean place to work with alot of great people as long as you do what they say and dont make decisions on your own, you work for them not for the pt and not for you. i wish you well. jd
  6. by   Iowa RN
    Quad Ciites definitely has a lot to offer but our pay scale is not good compared to other states at all.
  7. by   traumaRUs
    I grew up in the QC but now live near Peoria, IL and our starting wages here are approx $18 also...so if you want more money, Chicago might be the place to go. However, the cost of living is very high there too.