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Raised in Iowa for 8 years, moved out to Jersey to live with my wife. Had 2 kids born here before and after a deployment of mine. Gettin sick of expensive city life and want to go back to the midwest... Read More

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    As a new graduate RN my starting salary in nursing home is $20. What a shame! I just moved from AZ and already sorry I did it.

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    my wife is makin $37.50/hr nightshift w/ full benefits here in NJ.

    so expensive to live here though its nasty.
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    check out the VA system.
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    Thank you, Viking!
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    WOW. I do not live in small town and 2 years experience has me at 20.20. I just love living in the armpit of America! And all the snow just makes me love it more...ok not really.
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    Billie, if you are not tighten to Iowa with any kind of obligations, you might want to think to move to other state (Arizona, for example). Thanks God, I'm here temporary. In 2 years I'm gone! Iowa is not a warm welcoming state for nurses.
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    I have often considered just that but with family here am not sure I want to go anywhere at this time. I leave that option open though.
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    Iowa has a low cost of living though...

    In NJ, you make much more...but you won't pocket as much at all, especially if you have insurance in there.

    Extra money spent on gas, sitting in traffic, tolls, highest taxes in nation, etc.

    FYI- Mercy in Des Moines says they pay $20.20 before education and experience are factored in. Anymore details, you have to apply.
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    My wife is working full time at Mercy now. 12 years experience net her just under $27/hr. Yuck. I guess they give you a dollar for every 2.
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    I'm trying to get out of Iowa. Pay isn't that great. and the small town I live in doesn't really have much to offer. I am looking into travel nursing to see what there is out there. There has to be something more than this.

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