1. Hi! I am a ADN student from Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls! I was thrilled to see an Iowa nurses BB!

    Finally on Christmas break here! I have read a couple of the threads here and agree that every school has its good and bad points. I am happy with my school. I spent 1-1/2 years getting pre reqs out of the way and then went on to get my LPN degree. Took 2 years off to work in long term health care and then spent one semester finishing up RN pre reqs before going on to get my ADN degree. We go back mid January and then will be done mid April!

    Best advice I can offer to students just getting into the program is to get your pre reqs out of the way before starting nursing classes. I have students in my class trying to take RN classes and microbiology, psych, etc.. at the same time. They are making it, but it's a really hard for some of them.

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    Hi! Welcome to the Iowa board! Thanks for the bit of advice. (I just started chipping at my pre-reqs)
    Hope to see you around here more often
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    G'day krisannen- Aussie student jumping in to say welcome to the board- Best of luck with the remainder of your studies !