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Hello! I have a couple interviews at the University of Iowa this coming week. My question is what are areas near the hospital that are good to live with a family? If I am offered one of the two spots then we most likely will be... Read More

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    Is this program fairly competitive, or is it dependent on what position you're applying for? What is the reputation among nurses of Univ. of Iowa Hospital? I have an interview there in a couple weeks....

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    I had a nurse manager tell me that they have applicants fly in from all over for this residency. If you see the rankings, the University of Iowa Hospital has numerous specialties that are highly ranked.

    Not sure about your other questions though.

    Good luck on the interview!
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    Did you end up getting the job, daisygirl5?
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    I did :-)
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    Awesome! So, you're on ortho/urology? I've got an interview with the Nurse Manager there next week!
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    Yep! Omg how funny! Good luck! Our floor is stocking up on RNs!!
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    Yeah! I've had a nursing school clinical there before, so I'm a little familiar with the floor. A friend of mine just left, so I'm sad that I wouldn't get to work with her if I get hired.
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    What is the interview process like? I have an interview coming up in the OR and hematology/oncology units.
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    I have interviews with general peds and med-surg oncology in a couple weeks. I was wondering myself if they way they interview for the residency similar to how they do so for the Summer 10 program, which in my opinion was rather laid back.
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    I applied but don't have an interview yet!

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