1. I think its great to have a forum for us Iowa nurses. I live in Marshalltown and work at the hospital here on med-surg. I am an LPN and am currently in the ADN program at MCC. (and I am ready to give birth to my first child in about a week or so yes I am slightly crazy!!) Anyway would love to chat with other nurses or students and compare notes.
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    Hello! Congratulations on your baby! Wow, your are going to be busy. :wink2: How do you like med/surgery? How long have you been an lpn? How did you get into med/surgery?
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    I have been an LPN for just over a year and I love it. I chose med-surg so I could really get some real life experiences. I have found that a lot of what I see at work helps me now in the ADN level with understanding and applying what I've learned. It's a lot easier to understand a disease or illness when you have dealt with an actual pt. with it. As for the baby I am still waiting... somewhat patiently!!!
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    Good luck to you! My first born was a stubborn one. She was due on Sept 5th (95) but took her time and made her appearance on Sept 17th, a few hours before she was to be induced. She's still stubborn to this day
    It sounds like med-sur would be a great place to start. Was it hard to get hired on? What does your job detail? I think Marshalltown would be close to the size of Ottumwa?
    I have too much time on my hands before i decide in what direction to go, but it's fun to think about it now.