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  1. Does anyone know what's happening with the Dubuque striking Nurses? Our contract with Mercy in Sioux City is up next July, and, of course, we will be affected by the outcome. If any of you are affected, you're in my prayers!
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  3. by   bayshorenurse
    They are going out on the second strike on Wed, August 16, for 5 days.
    You can read updates of their negotiations and the new contract proposal in the local paper on line at
  4. by   husker-nurse
    Thanks, Bayshorenurse, for taking the time to post; I'm heading for that site............
  5. by   naskippy
    FYI-I am currently working at Finley Hospital on a travel assignment an I like it very far. The staffing ratio is fairly good for each shift. The hospital is Union and they do have thier problems. The staff seems to welcome traveling nurses without much outward friction, but it is obvious the regualr staff is not happy and they make little bones about it. I just go and do my job and at the end of the day leave...I stay out of thier issues and just take care of the patients assigned to me. They seem happy with that.

    Do remember that Iowa is ranked 50th in the United States in pay scale. So don't be expecting California pay. I don't have much complaint at this time with Finley and I hope things continue the way they are going. They are also pretty up to date on their protocol and technology. I was impressed as they are a fairly small town hospital in a small town community in Iowa.
  6. by   NeosynephRN
    DO you have a link to where Iowa is the lowest paid in the Union...I knew that we were low...but I did not think we were at the bottom...just interested..Thanks
  7. by   naskippy
    Update on Finley. Stay away! Especially from the night shift on 3 Medical. They only want to offer 6 week contracts now with 8 hour shifts. The environment is very hostile. The Union and the Management are at war and the management is very hostile towards the nursing staff including the travelers. Unless you are desperate stay away. Even if you are desperate you will regret it. 13 regular staff members have quit, been fired or transfered off the Unit in the past 3 month period from 3 Medical alone. This unit is bad news. Consider yourself warned.
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