Any IA lpn to rn online through excelsior?

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    Hi just curious how many from iowa have completed the lpn to rn program through excelsior online? I want to continue my education and become a rn but I have to work full time and with my family this sounds like it would work for me. I have debated if I want to burn myself out with working and trying to go back to the college where I went to for my lpn. I feel I recieved an excellent education and I have seen the books etc for the online program and feel it's pretty in depth covering alot. I plan to take the 8 week course for expanded iv for the lpn so I have that when I would go to test out of the clinical aspect of the program. Just would like some input on this from iowa nurses. Thanks

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    Hi, it's nice to hear someone else from Iowa asking the same question. If you get an answer, please me know!

    I've been researching this Excelsior college thing for quite some time. But I'm still uncertain about it.

    Kaplan is starting an online RN program sometime in 2007. I just spoke with them today. I'm excited to hear more about that!

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    Hello to both of you,

    I too, seek the same information. I have been head banging in class trying to finish off my R.N. and being non-traditional student (having to work full-time, take care of 3 teens) the classroom setting is not for me. I test fine and all that its just the commitment on the teachers terms that makes it so difficult. Also, this last attempt, I was so unsettled by the unproffesional setting of the other students and made it difficult to focus on what i was there for. I just emailed for some information on the Indiana state university program. When i get a response i will post it if you are interested. Also, I called Kaplan and they acted as though i was talking Greek to them about an online program for LPN>RN..... don't know what is going on there. If you two find anything else out please post..... I'm very interested.

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    I hear ya. I am a stay at home mom of a 2 year old. That's why I started looking into distance learning. I thought several times of going with RUE, but don't want to sign that darn contract.

    I don't know what to think about Kaplan LPN to RN. I was really excited but when I called to info, they were pretty skittish on details.

    Good luck and if you get any info, please share!


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    I went to a job fair at Hamilton in Cedar Falls this week & they are associated with Kaplan. I talked with a man who was pushing Kaplan & I asked about the RN program. He said it will start this year sometime but boy, he didn't know much. I asked if it was going to be a bridge from LPN, since Hamilton has LPN programs & from the sound of it, it isn't. It would take two years whether your'e an LPN or not. I hope he doesn't know what he's talking about & I suspect that is the case.

    I did ask why anyone would want to go two years when they coud go to Hawkeye for the bridge. He got a bit defensive & mentioned Hawkeye's long waiting list. I left then before saying something I may regret.
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    I have an appointment to talk with a representative from the college on Tuesday, March 13th. Excited to hear what they have to say. Afterward i will share what i learn. Kind of impressed that the rep lives here i iowa. Makes me thinkith that others are doing it this way, just not sounding out here.

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    Is it a rep actually from Indiana State or is it through The College Network? I know there is a rep from The College Network in Iowa.

    Let me know what you find out!

    Quote from unseen_fussell

    I have an appointment to talk with a representative from the college on Tuesday, March 13th. Excited to hear what they have to say. Afterward i will share what i learn. Kind of impressed that the rep lives here i iowa. Makes me thinkith that others are doing it this way, just not sounding out here.

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    it is through that college network..... but im still going to hear what they have to say..... do you know anything about the college network
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    I don't blame you. I would hear them out too. I have researched The College Network and RUE now for quite a long time. I just don't want to sign that darn contract! You'll hear a lot of negative about both of them. I do know you can find their study guides cheaper on Ebay. But to me, it sounds easier just to go through the one of the actual companies. I've heard people say, just go through Excelsior and save your money. You're really not though. It costs almost the same when you order all their textbooks. I have received info from both College Network and RUE. If I ever decide to do it, I will go with RUE. I really like the fact that they send you actual nursing textbooks with each study guide. Don't get them wrong, they are both expensive! But I would just rather do that than hunt down study guides on Ebay. Although I am a huge Ebayer!!! I don't know about College Network, but RUE does do interest free loans as long as your payments are $125.00 a month. I really like that! I hate to pay interest!!!

    Let me know what you find out or if you have any thoughts, please share! It's nice to know someone else is in the same boat as me!

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    okay........... i met with college network. Not as impressive as i had hoped for. It basically is a rue program with a sales man in your face. And thank goodness i did a little homework before i went.... I dont think he was totally honest about everything. He led me to believe that all the classes were transferable to other colleges.... That i know is hog wash just by what rue told me before. Also he tried to make it sound like the college for lpn>rn was right here in iowa. And then when he said the name of the college..... it was the same college the rue uses with the same principals and loads of money....... :angryfire . He was very pushy once he said his speal and not impressed that i didnt follow thru when he was trying to get me to sign mountains of paper work. I wasnt born yesterday. I filled out the transcription transfer but that is when it stopped. He put some other paper infront of me and wanted me to sign barely giving me time to read it....saying that i didnt need to read it he would be going over it as we went through the other paperwork. LIKE NO WAY .. i will sign it once we have gone over it. That is when he started growing impatient with me looking at his watch ...... saying most people that walk away come back within the year and say procrastination cost me a year. .... well im here to tell ya ... i dont want to make a decision that will cost me all my life.

    Now for the ciriculum i did get to see the unit book. That was nice.... but once again the cost is alot. I have all my prereqs done so i only need 7 units and when all said and done..... cost is about 8000 dollars.....and that is cutting the 8 gen ed classes out. Hate to see the cost if i needed them all. They also had a class that is needed called nursing in professional health.... I have taken that twice.... once at the U of I .....and once at kirkwood....they wont clep that which is ******** (sorry) considering that i took it for credit at a state 4 year college. Also he question a humanities course i took.......... an honors course at the U of I i took as being acceptable....... I see big problems with that.

    I could go on and on.... but i won't and will just say this. MY suggestion is this.

    1. Wait on Kaplan to get thier heads out of thier butts and share what they know for a distance learning program that is possible in the future. (Hopefully in april we will know)

    2. If that doesn't manifest itself and you are interested in distance learning...... I found rue to be more up front with me.... rue sent me the papers that need signature where as college network wouldn't even let me take copies to go home and go over.

    3. If at all possible take all pre-rn gen ed classes at your nearst community college. It will save you tons and many times you can take them courses at off times or thru self study.

    WOW ..........lots said so far......the other thing i want to say is this... Rue never said one thing bad about college network when i told them i was meeting with them before i really came to any decission. The only thing i remember him saying is .... that is good to explore your options.... they are our closest competitor.... and we have been around for 18 years.

    With that said..... College network did try to decieve me in ways as explained before...But he also said the only reason rue was around bc when someone worked at college network left he opened rue and that is how they came about and that college network has been around 15 to 16 years....... :smackingf

    Unfortunately math was my best subject .......and this dont add up right but i dont know at this time who is lying there...... So all in all .......precede with caution.

    I dont know if this long windy soundoff helps at all. But theres the facts.

    OH one other thing.... college network dude showed me names of all the people that went thru there course for nursing in the last year.... but when i looked was more like since 2003... the dates where on there.. duh.... and get this... not one was from my county or any of the counties surrounding my county.... I thought that odd.

    Anyway goodluck.... and will post anything else i find as it comes up... Hope you all do the same.


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