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  1. Has anyone or is anyone currently attending Allen college in Iowa for RN to MSN or RN to BSN? If so, could you please post what you like/dislike about the program. Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   chulada77
    I applied and was accepted but never ended up going. I thought their process of acceptance and treatment was unethical. They accept students and then AFTER they accepted me started requiring classes that weren't initially part of the pre-req for nursing. A student can pay $100 to ask for a waiver since the pre-req was added after the acceptance and then they deny the waiver BUT they got another $100 out of you.
    Crooked school. As if the outrageous tuition isn't enough, they have to bleed their students every way they can.
  4. by   ERNurse2011
    Thanks for the heads up...I will check into it even further, thanks!
  5. by   cgwrn
    Is anyone going to Allen College in Waterloo, IA this January? I start my MSN then and would love to connect with some fellow students.
  6. by   durbycj
    I have been attending Allen College for the last year and a half, and I love it here. Yes prices are high compared to community college's but this is a private college and compared to other private college's this one is not so expensive. I've seen worse for sure. I am in the BSN program and really appreciate all of the teachers, they are not only helpful but very well educated. I would recommend it to anyone really.