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  1. Hello everyone here in Iowa, I live here in Council Bluffs, and hope to attend IWCC Fall of 04', That is of course if they like me
    I am a mother of 2 (1 & 3) and a wife to 1! After next semester I will only be one class away from a Associates degree in Biology, my first intentions were to do something in research..... However after the birth of my last child I fell in love with nursing, while on maternity leave I searched the WWW to find out exactally what specialties nursing offers (I used to work for a health insurance company doing customer service) While researching I found out that a nurse can be a CRNA!! (EXCITMENT on my part) when I was in high school I wanted to be an anesthesiologist because I loved Chem/Bio anything with science and math, but I didn't want to devote 12 years of my life and $$$(debt) to go to school before making any $$$ so I put that off.... After realizing 10 years later that CRNA's do the work that I actually thought Anesthesiologist do I have started to pursue my dream!! I have all my pre-req's done, my CNA license, all I need is my next 6+ years of nursing education (I hope it doesn't take that long)!!
    But wish me luck.....
    On top of someday becoming a CRNA I'd like to look into travel nursing, so I can go to different countries (France in particular) I love different cultures!!!

    But that's pretty much where I am at now at this point in my life!! I wish everyone luck in the dreams the pursue!!
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  3. by   S.N. Visit
    Hello Fellow Iowan! Good luck getting accepted into your program Your goals sound very exciting!
  4. by   IowaCindy
    I'm just starting my last semester at IWCC on Monday.

    Good luck to you. Feel free to contact me- I'll be happy to share my experiences with you.