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Hi I am 51 years old and have a full time 8 - 5 job Monday through Friday. But I have always wanted to become a CNA and eventually nurse. Can I train to become a CNA/nurse evenings and weekends, or even on the internet... Read More

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    i'm thinking of taking the lvn route when i'm 30 i'm sure i be in the program then hopefully get out by 31 or when i'm almsot 32, then i'll end up taking those classes before the rn route by the time i'm 40 and probably enroll when 42 at this mobility i'm sure i will have kids by then i lke to start as a lvn get some nursing experience. I wonder how long can i stay as a nurse i don't want to retire until my full retirement age i'm hoping by 45 i be working in a small clinic as a RN where it will be less stressful on the body. Where do people at that age work that is an RN that might be least stressful on the body i feel like i'm starting this career late but i don't care i want t enjoy helping others i like to work with the elders then hoping to work with the young later on
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    in answer to your question, is never to old to claim your path and make your goal a reality...wishing you the very best in all of your future endeavors.....aloha~
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    welcome to the cite.......aloha~

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    I was 59 when I graduated from LPN school. One of my classmates was 70. Was it hard? Yes it was. Will I bridge to RN? No I don't think so because of the expense and my age now (61). Are some of the jobs I take now hard and stressful? Yes they are. Is is rewarding personally? Yes it is. Financially I have a much better life now, and I have to work until I can't anymore. Being a LPN gives me a lot more choices. Was it worth it? Yes, yes, yes.
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    Quote from nurselabrat
    i was 59 when i graduated from lpn school. one of my classmates was 70. was it hard? yes it was. will i bridge to rn? no i don't think so because of the expense and my age now (61). are some of the jobs i take now hard and stressful? yes they are. is is rewarding personally? yes it is. financially i have a much better life now, and i have to work until i can't anymore. being a lpn gives me a lot more choices. was it worth it? yes, yes, yes.
    congratulations!!! as i wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors...aloha~
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    This thread was started in 2006, at the height of insurance companies' control over employers' hiring policies. Now that control has been minimized by the affordable healthcare act (AHA), because preexisting conditions (such as being over 55 years of age) cannot raise premiums.So as a 51 year old, and now being 57 years of age, if she did become a healthcare provider, she doesn't have to fear being fired due to her age costing a potential employer more than a younger nurse.
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    Notice that the OP from 2006 never posted again. Wonder how they are doing.
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    Quote from caliotter3
    notice that the op from 2006 never posted again. wonder how they are doing.
    all we can hope is that they are doing great, as we wish them well, with the hopes to see them again soon~
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    At age 49, I care for my special-needs child (in addition to having borne and reared his siblings ... with one wee boy who was lost in stillbirth) and for his grandparents; in addition to having been a caretaker of his great-grandmother, who passed away during her ninety-sixth year. My first degree is in another disciplne - among the Humanities, in fact - but I am considering retaking A & P (the five-year limit long having past) and studying to become a nurse. I would like to extend to others the high degree of knowledge and attentiveness which I have seen demonstrated by nurses during the course of my life. I am very thankful for the experience, wisdom and compassion of the nurses whose days and nights have touched mine.
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