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Hi I am 51 years old and have a full time 8 - 5 job Monday through Friday. But I have always wanted to become a CNA and eventually nurse. Can I train to become a CNA/nurse evenings and weekends, or even on the internet... Read More

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    Age is only a number .... if you want it and are physically capable, then, no - you definitely aren't too old. I was 50 on enrolling in LPN school, 51 upon graduation, and am loving it (night shift and all). Intending to move on to RN, but my brain needs a rest...LOL. Only you can ultimately answer your question, but by age alone, you'd be fine.

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    Do not let your age deter you from accomplishing your goals!!
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    Thank you guys for your response. It has given me some positive direction. I don't know if I should go for LVN or RN. Any suggestions
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    The wife and I are both 42! Age is not a factor in nursing....caring, life experience, etc will be to your advantage in the long run. We are both CNA's at a nearby LTC facility. We took our CNA course at a local two year college in 4 weeks. Most community colleges & technical schools offer 4-8 weeks programs for becoming a CNA. While the pay is not great the hands-on experience is priceless. We both had former "desk jobs" that went down the drain with the current recession. After some major life and lifestyle changes everything began to come together. We are going to start school in the Fall 09' for our basic courses and enrolling/testing into the nursing program next Fall. I plan to become an RN and the Mrs. wants to become an LPN.
    You are not too old no matter what anyone tells you! And yes you can do it all with some sacrifices. :spin:
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    Thank you for responding. And good luck to you and the Mrs.
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    WHat??? Listen to this: My dad is 57 yrs old and has 3 kids but it didn't stop him from pursuing his dream to become a RN. Eventually, he graduated with the top 5% of the class and his NCLEX stopped at 65 (not even 75) questions and passed with the first attempt !
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    Now that is awesome! Wow, if you don't mind ask him what did he study to pass the NCLEX.. and the HESI A2. That is what I'm afraid of. That is a blessing...
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    why not save your money, take a year off to complete an lvn program and bridge it into an rn? I'm 52 yo former teacher, teaching cna's, (and seeing selected private duty patients on weekends usually 2- 12 hr days...as a cna ...weekends when the right offer comes along.) Physically, its hard work to care for 6-8 patients @ our age...Theres no rule that days that we "mature" gals cant work smarter, not harder...
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    Well I'm a single parent and I'm unable to just save my money, besides what's in my 401k. I'm hoping that by me making a career change that this will help me to over come all the obstacles I have endured. Plus I get a big joy by helping people and my heart goes out to children and the elderly.
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    I trained as an enrolled nurse (nurse's aid) in the 1980s and worked on and off as one up until 2000 when I had my children. At 51 I've decided to return to nursing school distance education to do the RN course. My aim is to work in psych. which is not as hard on the body physically. I recall women in their late 50s working on orthopaedic wards which are heavy and doing okay.
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