will PSWs ever be regulated?

  1. Hello, just spending a great Saturday morning reading all the threads. Such a fantastic site!

    Recently during an inservice at work the topic of regulation came up regarding PSWs and HCAs. I know they are not regulated here in Ontario whatsoever, and I am wondering why the College of Nurses hasn't stepped up to the plate on this as of yet. My fellow comrades at work all agreed that it would be the best thing to happen if PSWs had a governing body to be accountable to.

    Just sharing a thought is all. OH one other thing, a few years ago while I was having a chest xray done at a local clinic, my xray technician had RPN behind her name! SO COOL!!!

    OK one last thing, I promise, ....Thank the Good LORD I'm a nurse here in Canada, things are darn right unpleasant south of the border with the whole LPN / RN / CNA war. It's so nice to work in a job where we all get along and respect the different roles we each bring to the table. Ultimately it is the resident or the patient that needs all of us!
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  3. by   loriangel14
    Why do you feel that PSWs need to be regulated?

    And why do you find it so "cool" the xray tech was an RPN? We're not idiots.
  4. by   Ontario Gent
    wooooooooooooooo loriangel14. I CERTAINLY DID NOT WANT TO INFER THAT RPNs ARE IDIOTS. My Mom and Brother are both RPNs. I was just stating I found it very cool to see an RPN working as an xray tech....and the last time I checked xray technicians go to school just as long as RPNS and require just as much attention to quality of skill. As for asking if PSWs will ever be regulated I was just asking a question, since it was something discussed amongst other RPNs and RNs and PSWs at my place of employment. MOST IMPORTANTLY loriangel14, YOU are NOT an idiot. Sorry for offending you.
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  5. by   loriangel14
    Sorry. No sleep. Cranky.
  6. by   Ontario Gent
    I understand. BIG HUGS!, and thankyou!
  7. by   dishes
    It is not up to the CNO "to step up to the plate" , it is up to the Ontario government to make a law that requires PSWs to be regulated. Not sure if you are aware, but the government is in the process of establishing a registry for PSWs in Ontario. You can read about the plans for the registry on the Personal Support Network of Ontario's website. http://www.psno.ca/documents/PSNOPSW...-2011FINAL.pdf
  8. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Dishes is correct. It's not within the College's jurisdiction to stipulate anything for any segment of the workforce other than RNs and RPNs/LPNs. The College can offer an opinion but has no teeth whatsoever in this issue.
  9. by   Ontario Gent
    thank you for the information. I will certainly pass it on at work.
  10. by   Glimpsethepast
    And yet again a new nurse gets blasted over asking a question. Ontario Gent, I for one appreciate your question and it made me think that PSWs should have a governing body as well. Every other health profession does including nurses, dental hygienists, dental assistants, xray technologists, opticians, etc. BUT as Dishes states the College of Nurses won't touch this. Maybe there will be a college for Personal Support Workers??
  11. by   dishes
    I guess my post was interpreted as "blasting' Ontario Gent"? My intention was to share knowledge and clarify who is responsible for establishing regulations around PSWs, I did not intend to express derision.

    The plan is to have a separate registry for PSWs
  12. by   loriangel14
    I have heard talk of regulation for PSWs but nothing has happened yet. It will come to that eventually I am sure.
    Have you had any issues with PSWs where you work? The ones I work with are fabulous. When I was a PSW myself I worked with some doozies though.Back then they didn't all have the PSW certificate and some really had no idea what they were doing.I was working in the community doing home care so you were working independently and some of the things I heard about were awful.
  13. by   dishes
    The plan is for the PSW registry to start in the summer of 2012 http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/news/...20110519_1.pdf
  14. by   Ontario Gent
    No problems whatsoever with PSWs where I work, in fact they are superb. It was just a conversation the group was having during an inservice. The group included PSWs, RPNs, and RNs. I guess my thinking is now that the PSW program is a full college year then maybe there will be standards of care and scope of practise initiated for them. Thank you to everyone who took time to comment.