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Hello, just spending a great Saturday morning reading all the threads. Such a fantastic site! Recently during an inservice at work the topic of regulation came up regarding PSWs and HCAs. I know they are not regulated... Read More

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    I have heard talk of regulation for PSWs but nothing has happened yet. It will come to that eventually I am sure.
    Have you had any issues with PSWs where you work? The ones I work with are fabulous. When I was a PSW myself I worked with some doozies though.Back then they didn't all have the PSW certificate and some really had no idea what they were doing.I was working in the community doing home care so you were working independently and some of the things I heard about were awful.

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    The plan is for the PSW registry to start in the summer of 2012 http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/news/...20110519_1.pdf
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    No problems whatsoever with PSWs where I work, in fact they are superb. It was just a conversation the group was having during an inservice. The group included PSWs, RPNs, and RNs. I guess my thinking is now that the PSW program is a full college year then maybe there will be standards of care and scope of practise initiated for them. Thank you to everyone who took time to comment.
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    Here in AB our aides used to be all on the job trained. Then the government decided that they all needed to have "their certificate" to be "new hires". Funding is/was made availabe to exisiting NA's to obtain the education and the hourly rate was increased for those having the certificate.

    What we see are people who have no interest in becoming NA's taking the education because EI funded it and they had to take a training course. Often their work terrible. Minimal care, bad work ethic, poor attendance.

    Usually if there is a problem we get the union involved.

    Many of the older NAs are brilliant at their job and want to do it. Many of the new hires just don't want to be there and do the "dirty" work.

    A good NA is worth their weight in gold and a joy to work with.
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    Yes I have heard of that too Fiona.People taking the PSW certificate because it's paid for, not because they want to do it. Thankfully I haven't run into any yet.I do work with one PSW that was an out of work auto worker.He took the course for something to do.He's 6'2" and about 250 lbs. Turns out he loves the work and he is great with the patients.All the little old ladies are gaga over him.
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    They really should be. When I was in the PSW program they said it is in the horizon, but nothing is concrete. We shall see.

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