what kind of Nurse job I can do while staying in Quebec?

  1. Hello Nurses,

    I am thinking to apply for the Quebec immigration. I am an Indian Nurse, completed my B.Sc Nursing and Diabetes educator program. I know A1 level basic french. My query is what type of job i can do after landing to Quebec.

    I would like to relocate with my would be husband to Ontario, as we both are not fluent in french. So what kind of Nurse job I can do while staying in Quebec.

    I think before one year i cant shift to other province????

    Thanks In advance
    God bless u all.......
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    why apply to one province when you have no intention on staying? Not fair on the province. Also you may find you can not get a job in ON due to current job situation as well as the process to register as a RN may take a long time.
  4. by   parishrawal
    so what can i do to get my self registered in Quebec. I mean by the time i start my immigration from my home country I can prepare myself for the registration by sending proper documents to Quebec Nursing council.

    what job I can do prior to getting my licence in Quebec.?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    You can do any job that is non nursing related until you get licensed and doesn't require a medical unless you have had a medical
  6. by   yoopian
    You can't immediately shift to another province without any valid reason. As a Quebec Skilled Worker applicant you'd be required to submit a declaration that you would reside in the province and not anywhere else.