What are my options after 3 unsuccessful CPNRE exam? - page 3

Hi everyone, All nurses and nursing related profession, Please, please help me here with all your intelligent knowledge and information. Recently, i took CPNRE for third time and i failed. I... Read More

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    Did the CNO tell you what your options are?

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    Not yet....i am still waiting for their paperwork....did not receive anything after the result....
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    How long have you been waiting for the information?
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    about 5-6 weeks after result declared in oct 2011....i ll call cno again on monday to find out about paperwork.....in the mean time, i thought to ask you guys if there is any update...
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    You can call, but it might be better to mail or drop off a gentle written reminder that after being unsuccessful with your third attempt of the CPNRE, you are anxiously waiting to hear what your options are and would appreciate hearing from them at their earliest convenience.
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    bumping up an old thread any news on what happened after failing 3x? did you take any remedial courses
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    The OP hasn't been on here for 2 years. Iwould assume they have moved on to something else.
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    why settle for working as a psw if you want to become a nurse? If I were you I would consider a different route to nursing. I would upgrade my RPN college marks and apply to a 4 year university degree program (some universities even offer a sort of bridging to university program that enables ppl form high school or college with less than acceptable marks to upgrade their averages. If they do well in the bridging program they are able to enrol in an undergraduate degree program. you can apply to a general degree such as a bachelor of science, or bachelor of arts and thereafter apply to a compressed second entry RN nursing program once you've graduated your B.Sc or BA. Just make sure that when you write your RN licencing exam you are 100% prepared and confident. There are many different routes to get to where you need to be. Never take no for an answer good luck!
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    If they can't pass the CPRNE suggesting they go the RN route makes no sense.
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    Just read your post also in the same boat but where there's a will theres a way dont give up hope I'm not! I'm trying to appeal for compassionite reasons and looking into refresher courses or returning to school and in reference to what that negative RN wrote well don't listen to that if you are determined and truly feel it's in your heart to be an Lpn don't give up I know I'm not! Anyone in saskatchewan in the same boat let me know!

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