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    Dear my fellow Nurses,

    Im currently a Volunteer Hemodialysis Nurse in B.braun avitum for 4 mos. with no allowance.. If someone please reply for a dialysis center that is in need of a staff nurse or even a hospital it would be a great help for me to support my family's financial problem.. thank you.. GOd bless Nurses!

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    Where are you?
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    hi good day to you.. Im located here in the Philippines..
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    Will Move this to the Philippine forum
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    how to be a volunteer nurse at B. Braun?
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    hi hazel .. first you have to undergo thru their training.. and you'll going to apply as Volunteer..
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    thank you.. so what are you doing as a volunteer? how much is the training? is it worth it? thnx again..
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    HI im also interested about BBRAUN's dialysis training just want to ask too, if the training is worth it? does it entitled you for a certificate? thanks a lot
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    your welcome.. im doing all the things that a staff nurse is doing, cannulating,hooking,monitoring,terminating and many more..the only difference between me and the staff nurses is they are PAID. Yes! Ofcourse it is worth it.. Yes! You will receive your hemodialysis training certificate after your 1 month training..
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    where can i inquire for their training? how much?

    b braun? is that the same with aesculap academy?

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