US retrogression- Nurses waiting

  1. I feel very bad for the nurses who are doing the right thing and following the law without short cuts. Americans respect people who follow the process. Unfortunately at times life does not seem fair especially if amnesty is given to illegal immigrants first ( but these are not the same workers competing for nursing positions).

    I have to point out that Americans do value people who wait their turns, I feel these nurses who are waiting will be the ones who will have better nursing opportunities ( as long as you keep up your nursing skills) when retrogression is lifted. The more clinical experience you can get the more attractive you are as US Nurse. Or nursing is very short so if you can gain any experience in the OR that will make you stand out. Most US programs do not have any substantial OR time. Another point is American employers do value a good work history even if it is not nursing, being on time and working hard in whatever job you do will reflect well.

    Remember doing the right thing will pay off in the long run. And life events do happen for a reason, I can remember being passed over for one position only to get a better position.

    If you come to the USA, your American co workers will be grateful and admire your patience in following the process.
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  3. by   greenjungle
    Close to half a million nurses are now waiting in the Philippines and most if not all of them harbor the ambition of coming to the USA. 89,000 more are taking the November 2008 local exam. It is unfortunate that most of them don't know that this is now a very remote dream due to the retrogression and the sheer number competing for very limited visas. That's probably why they will try anything, even using tourist visas to get ahead of the others. Shame on those who try to cut in front of those patiently waiting by consular processing.
  4. by   gorgeous77
    there are those that use their tourist visas thinking that they can get ahead of the long line of nurses waiting to get visas. shame on those employers that hire these nurses without proper visas
  5. by   suzanne4
    And if they do not have the proper visa to work here,then they are subject to being deported and months in immigration detention which is connected to the federal prisons.

    And the employers can be subject to jail time and some of those in LA are now in jail.
  6. by   rlssem
    i still dont know why many nurses are flocking to the US, there are many alternative places in the world that can give them a greener pasture.
  7. by   TravelingBSNRN
    It was nice of you Alexk49 to be positive in giving comments about would be US RNs. It is very interesting that most of these nurses have been falling in line legally and have been waiting for their turn for months and to some for years!

    I also believe that their chances of getting here is getting slimmer especially with the current financial crisis and the growing number of these RNs every year. Some of them are just persistent in their dreams to come here and work. They have their personal reasons why they do that. At the end of the day, it is their call not ours.

    As you have mentioned, it is very important to get the required experience they need in the area they wish to work. It will definitely give them an edge and have a better chance of getting hired. Retrogression would be a good opportunity to do this. They just cannot sit, do nothing and just wait for retrogression to be lifted.

    I am happy that you are not discouraging these foreign nurses to pursue their dreams in spite of these difficulties. I hope we could continue to help these nurses by laying down the real situation in our places of work and encourage them to do what is best for them. I am happy that a positive milieu in this forum is always maintained. Posters especially the moderators continue to guide everybody including foreign nurses so that they can be the best nurses they can be. Thank you.