US and EU citizenship...can i study nursing in UK?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I know there was a US to UK thread on here before but is gone for the moment so I was hoping someone could help me. I have an odd situation anyway. I am a citizen of the EU, but have been in the US most of my life and am currently finishing my last year of undergrad studies here in global health. I would like to study nursing in the UK, preferably through the kings college florence nightingale school of nursing. Do i need to live in the UK for three years in order to apply as everyone has said even though I have EU citizenship? How competitive are the programs over there? I appreciate your responses, I already emailed the school but they haven't gotten back to me yet!

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Usually there is a resident requirement and you also need to be aware that there could be issues with transcripts if you plan on returning to the US and work as a nurse.

    the school is the best one to state whether the 3 year residency will be required and you may find preference will be give to a UK citizen due to the nature of nurse training
  4. by   baliling

    I have an EU citizenship and I am able to study in the UK. I knew of someone, who has been living outside of the EU since her childhood but able to study in the UK. So as Silverdragon said, it's better to contact the Uni first as they know better and also, not all Uni have the same, requirements. It's worth a try. As this was excatly what I did before I got in.

  5. by   sunnysteph87
    ok thanks for the info! yeah I might have to call them since I'm not getting a response over email. I want to study nursing there because London is where I want to work. I figured it would be easier to go to school there since I want to work there. Thanks again!