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Hi All, I failed to clear my NMC OSCE exam in the second attempt, Northampton failed me for minor mistakes. My hospital has withdrawn the sponsorship, due to home office regulations. Is there... Read More

  1. by   ishdelsanfab
    Hello everyone. I just received my DL today and I'm not yet certain about when and where to take the OSCE. There's University of Northampton, Oxford Brookes University, and Ulster University. I'm really nervous about this. Will anyone kindly give me a piece of advise? I'm already in UK (Nottinghamshire).
  2. by   Fantasy12
    Hi AnnaBalones can you help me also? I failed my Osce exam already teice and my end of visa is fast approaching.
  3. by   Fantasy12
    Hi anna can you help me also? I failed my osce exam twice already
  4. by   neriz
    Hi! did anybody here already reapplied with the NMC?
  5. by   Trojan89
    is there anyone here failed osce twice and did reapplication? can anyone help me witb regards to reapplication to nmc. thank you
  6. by   ukvisaworks1
    NMC has revised its rules now and offers increased felxibility with regards to registration applications and OSCE attempts.

    The latest guidelines are: “From 6 April 2017 nurses and midwives submitting a new registration application will have the opportunity to sit an OSCE for a third time if they need to, waiting three months to allow for further preparation, all within the same application. This change will bring our overseas registration process in line with the eight month time limit permitted by their visa to successfully complete their OSCE.”

    We are OISC regulated immigration advice firm and have helped many Nurses in obtaining jobs with Tier 2 General visas; and settlement visas after they have worked legally in UK for 5 years as a registered Nurse.
  7. by   jnixrn
    Hi. Can you send me the details of this please? I'm desperate. I recently failed my second attempt. I am working full time as a care assistant in a nursing home and my employer didn't give me any training for OSCE. I managed to pass 4 stations and failed Planning and Evaluation which was so frustrating. Thanks.
  8. by   Trojan89
    hi jnixrn

    I also recently failed osce. did you reapplied already to the nmc?
  9. by   jnixrn
    I haven't. My portal still say I have an existing application so i can't start a new one. Have you tried reapplying? Are you working in a hospital or nursing home?
  10. by   Trojan89
    Quote from jnixrn
    I haven't. My portal still say I have an existing application so i can't start a new one. Have you tried reapplying? Are you working in a hospital or nursing home?
    I work in the hospital. Same with you, i haven't started reapplying cause my portal says I have an existing application. I will send you a private message to ask your email address. Maybe we can help each other through that.
  11. by   Fantasy12
    Hi I have reapplied in nmc. If your portal says that you have an existing application you need to email the regarding your reapplication..

    Does anybody know regarding the 1 year cooling period? I lost my sponsorship in the hospital and they told me that I have to return. Is there really a cooling period before I could return to uk?
  12. by   jnixrn
    Hello. DId you go back to your country? What papers should be resubmitted? Thanks.
  13. by   Fantasy12
    Not yet. But I'll be returning soon. Same procedure from before. But the good thing is that you don't need to retake the cbt exam again. You could just email them after the eligibility part to transfer your cbt result..