Uae Moh Nurse Licensure And Registration

  1. hi, i'm a nurse graduate last 2006 and a june 2007 board passer. i have done some training at a local government hospital here, and that's pretty much about it with regards to my post graduate experience. its hard to find a nurse job in the hospitals here in the philippines even though my colleagues would wonder why i couldn't get a job considering that i was a graduate from a top nursing school in the Philippines. i'm not saying this just to brag, but to say that the hospitals don't care whether you are a graduate of a good nursing school or not, they would care as to who your connections are. that's the way life is here.. sad, but true..

    so, here's my dilemma, i have been petitioned by my uncle who lives in UAE, and he said that i would have better chances of landing a work there than here.. my colleague told me that we already have batchmates who are working in UAE right now but i dont know who they are.

    i would like to ask what are the requirements of getting a MOH license in UAE (sharjah) and do the employers or hospitals strictly require for me to have an experience first? i have completed all the trainings (ivt, bls, acls, ekg) and only 2 months work experience (nurse trainee) and that's just about it. ALSO, what are the good hospitals that i can apply to?

    pls help... thankssssss.
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  3. by   greatking
    It seem your so desperate in landing a job overseas?
    You need to have a significant clinical experience at least before embarking to work elsewhere.I am a filipino British,i graduated in the Philippines and i am proud who i am.I worked in Makati Medical Centre for 3 years,which i believed it is enough leverage for me to take on board any challenges in my overseas career.I have worked in Kuwait,Saudi,Singapore and now permanetly living here as UK citizen.Working as a Surveillance Nurse,a specialist post created by UK governement to combat HCAI.My role is Audit practice,Education and managing central line devices using the ANTT technigue.I would recommend to stay in Philippines a bit more,maybe 5 years and find a job that suits your speciality and work your way up.By the way,its doesnt affect your ability to land a job prospect becasue you graduated in top nursing overseas all are what ? all it matters how reality affects your performance in the work place.My co-worker is from Philippines too and from never heard school of nursing in Mindanao.The lady got guts and detrmination...she is our Nurse practitioner in critical care.
    In UAE everyone sits for local exam this is just to assess you as a nurse,everyone pass this test.As i have NMC registration in the UK,we dont need all this formalities to work.
    As you are self starter,your salary is half than those who are western qualified nurses...thats a bit dissapointing considering a nurse is a nurse no matter what background you are.Sad to say that UAE looks on your passport rather than qualification and tape!!
    I understand how difficult life in the Philippines,but you need extra effort and amunition for this difficult challenges you may face in your quest for a better life.
    Here in the UK life is not easy as what people may think..we pay Mortgage on our Houses,pay utility bills and loans,credit cards and car maintenance.UK is a haven for stealth taxes..we pay more tax than the rest of Europe.We lived in break -even life style.Sometimes we depends on our overdraft faciltiy in our current account..a bit tough!! this is reality...But at least the value of the pound is 1.9 to the dollar...with good savings,we can rush to atlantic(new York) maybe for a bit of shopping spree if you have extra money to spend.
    Stay in Philippines and learn more the trick ..earn enough valuable experience before moving overseas.I did and its regrets! take from this experience!

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  4. by   gemini_star
    MOH of UAE and the rest of the Gulf countries when they say they need 2 years experience, it is 2 years of solid experience and not even less than. You will not be able to take the ministry of health exam in UAE if you do not comply with the requirements. Hence, you will not be considered as nurse there.

    The big hospitals will not even go through your CV if you only have 2 months experience. Save your money and earn the experience or you can go to UAE for a visit. By they way, they don't care whether you are from a top university they will look straight to your work experience.
  5. by   bajoy0505
    Hi everyone! I'd like to ask how can I take MOH license in the Philippines, I already have 2yrs experience as RN here.
  6. by   sms075
    Hi, i am from India and have finished my GNM ( 3 years)in 2004 and worked for 1 year and then finished my Post Basic BSc Nursing( 2 years) in 2009 and working till now, i like to work abroad in UAE, can some one help me with the procedures to work in UAE as nurse.
  7. by   filemon31
    good day to all! can someone please provide me the MOH/DOH office contact no. here in the Philippines.. im planing to take the MOH and DOH exam for RN... before i go for UAE...
  8. by   shel589
    i think there is no MOH/DOH exam in the philippines,,as what i know only HAAD exam and that exam is for abu dhabi if you want to work there..DOH exam is for Dubai and MOH exam are for other emirates..
  9. by   ktm1986
    I think there is a dubai health authority exam/ DOHM in philippines. Try to browse this site,, their office address is ACESS 2/F ATENEO PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS
    SALCEDO, 130 HV DELA COSTA ST. Makati city. Just try to contact them to confirm...