U.S. Citizen Educated in Philippines Want to Take the NCLEX

  1. So I'm a U.S. citizen and my parents sent me here to the Philippines to study nursing. I was born here and have family here, but I grew up in the states and naturally became a citizen. I've got one more month left of college and I'm trying to get all my requirements in order so that I can take the NCLEX-RN back in the states. My home state is California, but I hear a lot of bad things when it comes to applying to take the NCLEX for that state at least. I hear the board keeps sending additional requirement after requirement to foreign grad applicants like me, or that it takes forever for them to respond and when they do, there's something lacking in their requirements.

    My question is, what are ALL of those requirements that I need to submit to the picky board of nursing in order for me to take the NCLEX as soon as possible, before all the freshly learned knowledge deteriorates.

    My school is I.S.O. certified. I'm not sure of the relevance myself, but according to my professors, it means that it's internationally certified.

    If you can't give me the answer, then at least, can anyone answer which state I can apply in that doesn't have as many requirements as Cali does??? Thanks!
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  3. by   iamnomad
    I don't think ISO certification will make a difference. My school in Morayta is ISO-certified as well but that doesn't make me any greater or lesser than the rest of the applicants, or did it make a difference in my application and the equivalency process.

    The requirements, I believe, is posted on CA BON's website and is straightforward.

    And since you're a US citizen, include a letter stating why you did not take the NLE - and that is because PRC won't allow you to.

    And yeah, we've been seeing members here that need more units or training before California BON allow them to take NCLEX. Maybe you can try Nevada or Oregon or Arizona since they're closer to CA. Most states require a CES from CGFNS so you might look into that. Others require proof of English proficiency, too. The best way to know for sure what the requirements
    are is to look it up on the board's website. Then ask them if you have any questions. Or post your questions here after reading the requirements and maybe some of us can help you further.
  4. by   anne919
    here is what you can do, check ur PRC cases and ur semester classes. if the dates jive you are good to take the exam!
    i know this is hard for us even tho we practically studied here. and for some certain reasons we have to study in the Phil. if ur gpa, sat, act in hs, and college gpa was good and u have a good recommendation letter, you can always fall back into taking masters here. I know u talked to a university/college counselor before u actually decided to go back in the Phil. its much cheaper for you since u are a citizen u can have a grant or loan with a very good essay and gpa
  5. by   Lanze
    Thanks! I think I may apply in Texas instead since I also have family there, and, from what I've read, Texas doesn't require CGFNS. What do you think?
    Idk about the English proficiency part though, but if I did need that, then it shouldn't be much of a problem for me since I went to school in the states from Pre-K - 12th.
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Texas still requires CES from CGFNS as do a lot of other states. The issues we are seeing with CA are classes not concurrent with theory so will be something to think about if you later plan on working in CA as despite passing NCLEX in another state CA still do their own review of your transcripts so may be an issue in years to come (unless CA change)
  7. by   anne919
    well it doesnt matter if u studied K12 here in the states for the english proficiency, based on my situation it is still a requirement for most states that requires it. i already asked some BON if theyll take in consideration if our lectures/clinicals were given in english language and studied hs here but they still ask u to take the TOEFL or IELTS. if u have the liberty to research the BON's requirements do it now so that you can take ur exam as soon as you graduate. i suggest to take the exam right away since the info are still fresh.
    if u settled down here in cali and ur immediate family and friends are all here in cali then y move? i love cali too but if i would still have the same problem with concurrency, i have no choice but to move to another state or just re-enroll or take masters degree. this time of the year i doubt if there will be a university/college to let us enroll since u know the competition here. in my place, gpa is just too high and too many requirements just to get in to the nursing program, thats the reason y i studied in the phil.
    to be honest with u, im still stuck right now on what will be my next step. im still asking and reading other state BON regulation.
  8. by   Lanze
    Ugh... so I might have to take the IELTS and CGFNS? Well, that's fine i guess. As long as i can take the NCLEX and get my license. Thanks guys for your insight!
  9. by   iamnomad
    it's not the CGFNS Exam. What most states need is the CGFNS CES, which is an evaluation of your nursing education's comparability / equivalency to US standard.
  10. by   anne919
    no u dont need to take the CGFNS exam and most likely u wont be granted an eligibility to take the CGFNS (exam) since u dont have a license. wat u just need is a credential evaluation from a company that gives it and the state board that you are applying to acknowledges that company. some state asks for IELTS or TOEFL, CES or other credential evaluation before you can take the NCLEX RN.
    google whatever state you really want to settle coz some states requires u to work there before you can move to another place. i suggest have ur mind focus on that place coz if u pick CES from CGFNS (company not exam) it will ask you on which state theyll send ur credentials.
  11. by   Ginger's Mom
    Were your clinicals concurrent with theory, if so you are good to go. If not you won't be able to take the nclex,or I would ask your school now to repeat the courses you were not concurrent in....looks like most are haveing trouble with ob and med surg.
  12. by   Lanze
    Thanks a lot! You guys are REALLY ​helping me out.
  13. by   Lanze
    Quote from Ginger's Mom
    Were your clinicals concurrent with theory, if so you are good to go. If not you won't be able to take the nclex,or I would ask your school now to repeat the courses you were not concurrent in....looks like most are haveing trouble with ob and med surg.
    As far as I know, I've been exposed to all wards. OB ward, Medical ward, Surgical ward etc. I guess that makes it concurrent??? I've got my cases done. 5 actual, 5 assists, 5 cord dress, 5 major, and 5 minors...
  14. by   Ginger's Mom
    If the cases were done when you were studying ob,meanimg in class the lectures and tests were done at the exact same time as clinicals. You can not be studying psych and doing deliveries.